Hancock County, Bar Harbor Maine At Night, On The Coast
Maine Is Sea Coastal Towns Like Bar Harbor But...

You know how on line, down at the diner, the lodge and in society everyone has an opinion?

Needing more than ever to be heard. But the tendency to make events, news, blog posts black and white does not mean you and I are built, wired that way. John M Grohol PsyD states there is “nothing in this world that is simply black or white”.

So how do the shades of gray shine through? When it is not always a case of one extreme or the other being settled on, agreed to easily? When folks are overbooked. Lead 200 mile per hour and escalating even faster lives. Looking for Monarch or Cliffs Notes. Taking the easy to digest, quick route. Or someone else’s word for it that seemingly has spent, invested the time to research the issue, topic. Some blog posts SEO machined too.

The tendency of the media is to take a complex issue, try to capture a sound bite, video loop to make it memorable, succinct, to the point.

Basically in too small a time frame, manufacture each article, news story in to a cookie cutter comic book.

Some call it bumper sticker politics, thinking. “The Truth is Out There (It’s Just Not Very Well Indexed)”

So how is Maine not black and white? It is a big state parked up here in the upper right hand corner. Not all rugged coastlines, lobsters and light houses. But mountains, wooded lands, fertile fields, blueberry barrens, 6000 lakes. All with down to earth people proud of their home towns, cities of the Pine Tree State, Vacationland. And Mainers don’t hibernate winters, we get outdoors all four seasons.

Out spoken, not candy coating it is another persona Mainers are often cast as possessing, radiating. The “you can’t get there from here” helpful directions when a tourist asks for local guidance. But with a sense of history “as Maine goes, so goes the nation” there is respect for the simple, basic common sense. Maine is less than one percent of the short sale, foreclosure, real estate repossession market. 46th lowest in the nation in this department. Maybe other parts of the country could learn from our simple, pretty straight day to day living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers