Maine Is Unspoiled Natural Beauty, Lots Of Green And Blue.
Maine Fall Leaves Changing Colors Like 2nd Bloom, Extra Natural Fireworks.

You are buying a big piece of Maine land and wonder how can you carve it up, divide the property.

Here is the latest on Maine subdivision laws, regulations. More from the state of Maine subdividing land here.

The first step in dividing land is to figure out interior access roads needing to be built, constructed for everyone to have a way in. Or better yet, buy, purchase a property in Maine with long long road frontage so the “slices”, parcels each provide adequate frontage. And visibility for a driveway.

Blind spots won’t be approved and where to put the driveway may be dictated by a Department of Transportation site review.

Lots of accidents in this area on a blind curve could mean no driveway permit issued for your own safety. This is part of the “blood on the highway” legislation for your own safety and usually on busier roads in Southern Maine.

Making 500 acres of land, property in Maine split in to smaller pieces could be complicated by wetlands, more restrictive regulations in an unorganized town or plantation. Or more beefed up local town code ordinances and neighboring property owners input.

Soil tests for septic systems in Maine and waste water run off is a big concern.

Maine, we like to protect the environment. Pass it on to our kids in better shape than we received it. The is called good stewardship and a dose of common sense, respect, appreciation for the four season natural resources of living in Maine. We are buggers about erosion, run off of silt that chokes fish, spoils any of our 6000 Maine lakes.

With less people, being insulated from the population centers where you carry a taser, worry about gangs, Maine is attractive, unspoiled and safe. Our schools don’t have, need metal detectors and our police don’t work out of, have offices there full time like many places in the country.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers