Maine, Even The Wildlife Get Along, Regardless Of Their Size Differences.
Maine, Even The Wildlife Get Along, Regardless Of Their Size Differences.

Today the pitch for life coaches to help you decide the course to take, psychics to read the tea leaves, make the predictions need to be consulted. For a fee.

Attorneys, accountants, home stagers to make the place look just so. Paid mental health couselors utilizing 55 minute weekly windows to help you sort it out when open porches, family, clergy used to help you over life hurdles.

It used to be you had skills. Were a Jack of all trades, master of none. But could take care of yourself. Not dependent on others and no money to hire it out. What happened? Did we get soft, less skilled in this, this and this every day event task? And highly specialized in this career choice profession with eight years worth of college sheepskins to earn the money to hire this, this and this done.

In Maine, we don’t let others have all the fun. Are not dependent on others to do this, perform that task. Partly because money does not flow like sap. And because it comes harder, takes more effort to raise, we don’t let go of it so easy.

Some of this goes back to days on a farm, rural upbringing.

You may need that money for a poor Maine crop year when the weather you have no control over, takes over.

When your good year is dependent on a crop or critter failure somewhere else in the nation’s food basket. Maine, she’ll sober you up, make you realize what’s important, the path to take that is healthy, fun, worthwhile.

I’m Maine Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers