Maine Snowsled Groomer Taking Care Of Linneus ME Area Trails
Maine Snowsled Groomer Taking Care Of Linneus ME Area Trails

The fun of hitting a just groomed Maine snowmobile trail.

Or one that man has not traveled on yet this winter. Seeing several white tail Maine deer. A jaw dropping view of Mount Katahdin at Baxter State Park. I admit I am a “sled head”. The places you can go by snowsled, snowmobile is limitless.

The Maine snowmobile ITS system works because of private land owners who allow the use of their properties to “link” the trails to explore “Vacationland”. The use of these properties requires respect, staying on the marked trails. Traveling “lightly” and to leave it like you found it without debris left behind or damage to say a tree plantation trail side hurt if you leave the designated trail.

Have a trail across a Maine farm I own and had a real estate buyer seem shocked that I would allow use with an ITS trail. I explained the use is a privledge not a right and I appreciate others allowing my passage on their land. To get to Northern Maine’s St John River Valley. Or over to Shin Pond, up to Oxbow and Masardis. Or down to Grand Lake.

The Maine Snowmobile Show is October 1,2,3 at the Augusta Civic Center.

This is the 14th event with tons of sponsors, exhibitors from lodgding, Maine snowsled clubs and snow machine groomers, snowmobile makers themselves.

Winter in Maine. Not a dirty series of words. We don’t hibernate here in Maine winters around the Christmas holidays, the new year!

I’m Maine REALTOR, Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers