White Fluffy Maine Snow, Bring It On.
White Fluffy Maine Snow, Bring It On.

The plans to expand Sugarloaf snow skiing in Carrabassett Valley happen on the 69th anniversary as Maine’s second highest peak for down hill winter fun.

The expansion on Burnt Mountain means over the next six years, the number of land to ski will double in acreage to over 1300 acres when the snow settles so to speak on this project.

The Burnt Mountain addition to the Sugarloaf operations is a three phase operation. And plans to make snow, groom Burnt Mountain..well, there are no plans to. It’s called back country skiing, with only a few trees removed. A little more natural, more rustic approach for a different experience without the aid of a snow nozzle, a bombadier groomer helping nature along. Natural snow skiing conditions preserved by the wind, rain, weather man and Mother Nature.

Do you down hill ski? Strap on boards, two at a time or one big one to swish swish and enjoy incredible scenery.

Getting your lungs full of Maine air, a thorough work out. Socializing on the slopes, being with your family.

Sure beats sitting on a couch, eating a bowl of cheesos and talking to the cat during commercials over the Maine winter.

Had two of the four kids home for Christmas college break last year and a trip during a snowstorm to Sugarloaf USA was fun, relatively low cost for the condo we rented. Watch the Maine Sugarloaf snow skiing video. Lucky to have lots of smaller Maine mountains and even ones across the border in to Canada very close to enjoy too. The youngest of four kids is in Colorado for year two and talk about skiing options in his backyard. Yes, we’ve already given him the early Christmas present of a down hill pass that for a college student is dirt cheap. Opens up options to a myriad of mountain challenges on dryer, lighter snow conditions than he grew up with here in Maine.

Mars Hill Maine’s Big Rock is family friendly, easy to get in and off the slopes, out of the parking lot and does not leave a big dent in your wallet where money used to be. Spring Maine snow skiing is a whole lot of fun, something all ages can do together.

Winter is more than a six letter word that means snow, colder temperatures. We live in Maine to escape the heat, the humidity and not to hibernate winters. Outdoor recreation in Maine means cross country, down hill skiing. Maine snowsledding, ice fishing, chasing the hockey puck around the high school and college circuit.

Maine, four seasons. Winter is one of the special ones. Avid skiings getting tickets for down hill season passes or asking Santa for them to be stuffed in stockings of good boys and gals around “Vacationland.” Follow our blogs posts on Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers