Good Testimonial For A Chevy Lumina Donated By Used Car Dealer, Maintained By Mechanic For Free.
Good Testimonial For A Chevy Lumina Donated By Used Car Dealer, Maintained By Mechanic For Free.

In our travels in listing, selling Maine real estate, we run in to lots of interesting people.

Hear many stories about other folk’s life experiences. A couple we have sold property to and for a lot over the last 30 years are from Indiana. They own a used car sales lot that was continued on from his dad’s intial start up.

A mechanic called him, said he had a woman who was not in good shape financially, health wise. She had cancer, was going back and forth to chemo treatments. Her car was worn out, died. And did he have anything cheap, that would serve her needs. Keep her from worrying about dependable transportation. Or having to hitch hike to cancer treatments.

The used car dealer said when he heard there was little money, a case of a lady suffering, up against the wall enough with cancer let alone loss of her wheels, he said he just had a car with 200,000 miles traded in. A 1993 Chevy Lumina that she could have. Free, for nothing. Come get it.

The lady came in to the dealership and he explained the last owners of the Lumina said there was one problem. The car would sometimes stall at a stop sign, traffic light but if you let it sit for a minute, it would restart. You were back on your merry way. The lady said she wanted dependable transportation and he said this car is free if she wanted it. She was not so sure and wanted guarantees.

She came back to the dealership an hour later and said she would take it as is. Just as traded. She thought about the gift and that maybe it was not reasonable to expect the used car dealer to warrant, or repair any mechanical problems and take her chances. The car was a healthier horse than the one shot, buried, deep sixed out back that she was depending on to get to cancer treatments.

The mechanic who had asked the used car dealer for help for someone between a rock and a hard place, with little resources decided to take on maintenance tasks for free with the car.

It never did stall at stop signs, street lights for this lady and she got thru cancer treatments.

Put 100,000 extra miles on the car getting the rest of the cancer treatments done with little troubles. And the mechanic replacing brake pads, doing very minor maintenance beyond oil changes. That’s it.

This used car salesman figures God was Mr Goodwrench looking over the car. The lady is alive today, and her transportation provided by folks who cared. Figured they were better off than her. That they would need a helping hand if the shoe was on the other foot. When you lose faith in your fellow man, stories like this being done behind the scenes because it is the right thing to do, not for praise or attention, it gives you a good feeling. Needs to be shared.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers