Bangor Maine Musicians Perform On 4 Stages By The Penobscot River.
Bangor Maine Musicians Perform On 4 Stages By The Penobscot River.

Warm Maine weather, wandering from outdoor stage to stage to hear the best music, continuous performances, entertainers from all over the country, world converge in Bangor ME.

We’re talking the American Folk Festival in downtown Bangor Maine along the waterfront of the Penobscot River. This year’s musical buffet of national talent in Bangor Maine is August 27, 28, and 29. Music, song, dance, fun with folks from all over that drop a donation in the bucket to help keep this wonderful musical trek to the American Folk Festival happening. The donations keep it free admission.

Volunteers are needed to pull of a musical operation of this size and what better way to enjoy the festival than pitching in a working on it? Maine is famous for its hard working volunteers. There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. That’s the home made flavor not store bought taste of living here in Vacationland, in Maine.

Here is the list of muscians, dancers performing at this year’s Bangor Maine American Folk Festival. If you are traveling for the first time to Maine, here are the directions to Bangor ME.

The music is a big draw and the diversity of performances offered, the enormous amount of talent and choices of watching a little of this cajun bayou sound, then walking over to another performance going on at the same time of gospel mixed with blues. And everything in between heard before the weekend is over for another year. But the food, the amazing array of ethnic foods, everything from around the world is represented along with a chuch’s annual bake bean, blueberry pie spread. Here is a list of American Folk Festival food vendors, crafts offered.

Enjoy four musical stages, here’s the Bangor Maine American Folk Festival layout map.

There are well run shuttles so park it once, hop on the bus to save leg wear and tear and make sure you spend more time in front of a Bangor Maine musical stage, less time tramping.

Beer and wine tent, musical cd sales part of the Maine American folk festival too. Heather McCarthy, festival organizer is from my home town of Houlton Maine. Great job Heather and all the Maine support, volunteers that keep the festival lively, growing, better than after year after year.

Chicken pickin’ music from Baileyville Maine’s Johnny Hiland is one example of a native son performing at the American Folk Festival this year too. WLBZ Channel 2 in Bangor Maine does an excellent job covering, promoting the folk festival performers with highlight stories to help draw the crowds needed to donate, fund and underwrite this amazing musical event.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers