Houlton ME Boys Win Gold State Basketball Trophy.
Houlton ME Boys Win Gold State Basketball Trophy.

Pieces to a life puzzle, in Maine the ones you need are plentiful because the folks you meet are anxious to help you find them.

There is an awareness in Maine. A sense of real “community”. That you, me are all strongly connected. Maybe it’s due in part to less people.And the ones in Maine we do have being hard working. Willing to step up over and over to volunteer for tasks needing to be done. Home grown not store bought. On the local town level, thru out the neighborhoods where we live, raise our families, work to make a living.

Survival, not being spoiled by material items or needing lots of money to be happy another reason why puzzle pieces are plentiful here. Money, titles, things, stuff, material collections to impress people is not why you move to Maine. Who the person deep inside is, what I can learn from you, you from me is the two way communication sought out, needed. I have puzzle pieces you need, you have ones I have been searching for.

Experiences with the canvas, the backdrop Maine’s four season beauty too. The life lessons happen quicker when they are not artificial, not man made. Your surroundings in Maine with no traffic, the 4th lowest crime statistic, peace and quiet to think, to enjoy life are the foundation any one needs. When you are on top of Cadillac or Katahdin, those Maine mountains and the expanse for miles and miles literally get you “on top” of things. As you ski down a little or major Maine mountain, canoe a river, you get it. Kids, their sports are the center of most of our volunteer efforts in Maine.

You realize what is important, that you matter and have an important role on a local level. Not just with your family, but that strong connection with your communities, your state and a strong sense of pride is the mortar between all those puzzle pieces. Strongly cemented, glued together. Maine people are like that. Appreciating what we have, not lamenting material items we wished we owned. We have everything we need, but in fleeting moments not everything the television says we have to have, should want. Basics, simple living is Maine with your feet on the ground.

The local beauty of Maine overwhelms, fills you with a sense of wonderment, contentment.

In a four season setting unlike no other with rock bound coast lines, international ties with Canadian relatives just across our borders in Quebec, New Brunswick.

Maine, come collect some puzzle pieces. Share some of your life lessons on how to fill that life with what matters day in, day out. Life is short. But no one said it could not be fun, rich in the things that matter. Maine, wake up, start your dream. Would love to help you with your part time, full time move, relocation and investment in Maine, the way life should be.

I’m Maine Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers