Drafting, Not Unique To NASCAR..Maine Mother Ducks Do It.
Drafting, Not Unique To NASCAR..Maine Mother Ducks Do It.
Early Summer Morning Walk To Maine Lake Dam, Drews Lake ME
Early Summer Morning Walk To Maine Lake Dam, Drews Lake ME

If someone landed a space ship from a galaxy far away in Maine, and had only ten minutes during refueling to learn about the place, words would just get in the way of the conversation.

Images, lots of them one by one show the place, tell the story of what living in Maine is like, how the surroundings look here. Early morning Maine walk on a lake today generated lots of “eye candy” ME waterfront photos to begin to make the point of the four season beauty here.

When you live in Maine for a period of time, trips in to a congested city, being on your toes in six lanes of free way busy traffic is less appealing, not something you hunger or look forward to. Maine is less people so less traffic, pollution, crime…the whole nine yards of what over population does to a place.

The images from an early morning walk around Drews Lake hammers home the point that Maine is one gorgeous, jaw dropping pretty state. Being here, getting outdoors and walking it, taking Maine in is an experience. It creates an awareness of how lucky we are, how humble we should be in the surroundings that man had nothing to do with putting together. But being good stewards, helping pass along this setting, the real estate in Maine to our kids in as good, hopefully better shape is crucial.

That’s why come to Maine, buy some only if you respect it. Vacationland is the label on the license plates but the “tread lightly” and “carry in, carry out” your debris, garbage comes with the intructions on this precious natural gem, 4 season resource.

Maine, wake up. Start your dream.

Put on your sneakers, your hiking shoes and start the trek in to Maine. Get here any time you can. Grab your coat and tell your friends where you are heading the next three day weekend, vacation and eventually for good. Relocation, retirement to Maine just makes sense and is sooo low cost property wise. You can not beat the prices of our Maine real estate. I just happen to know of a good Maine REALTOR who can help you in the search. To answer questions you have about Maine, the communities, the weather, anything above and beyond just ME real estate too. (Smile)

I’m Maine Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers