The Wind Up, Delivers A Knuckle Ball Across The Plate.
The Wind Up, Delivers A Knuckle Ball Across The Plate.

Little league in a Maine town, with the sun setting, families, friends and lots of talented kid baseball players entertaining out on the ball diamond.

Maine little league is a hoot. My four kids went thru the program. And in Maine, there is nothing like watching a little league game. Especially after a busy real estate game and then throwing on shorts, a t shirt and sneakers..and ball glove to head for community park.

Tonight in Houlton Maine watch the Mooers Realty team in a playoff game win and here are some of the photos, highlights of the event.
Did you play little league as a kid? Just one Maine past times to enjoy the weather, the local talent and to get out on a bleacher to root for the team.

Maine, plenty of local flavor, good home made whole family fun. Is it like this where you live?

Is it like living in Maine where you live now?

Tonight before this playoff game, I helped set up for the Maine soap box derby race Saturday and at the same time McGill’s Community Band was playing in the park behind Cary Library in the amphitheatre the Houlton Rotary Club built for the town of Houlton.

I’m glad to live in Maine. My family benefited too from the small town local flavor and the “village” helping raise those kids.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers