It Is All Here In Maine..Small Town, Family Value, Low Cost Real Estate
It Is All Here In Maine..Small Town, Family Value, Low Cost Real Estate

When you live in Maine, and blog about it, you don’t have to be a spine tingling adventure writer or a dramatic technically perfect, change the world thought provoking robot cranking out the copy.

As a Maine blogger, the more down to earth, simple and every day I can be, the more I mirror what living in Maine, the people are all about. After working in radio for many years, I learned early on to not just key the mic and talk talk talk. But instead to see a motorist listening to the radio on his way to Bangor for a basketball game, and taylor make comments, intros to the records, etc with that guy or gal next to me in that car heading down interstate 95. Reminding others about the local church bean supper next Saturday. Like a high school hockey coach that says a player “sees the ice well” a blogger has to be swiveling his head, considering every one he “sees” on line skating around that same frozen sheet of arena water. Adjusting, considering, “feeding” his blog with what the catch of the day word wise is going to be that someone would enjoy, learn from, connect with.

The next conversation after a requested song from a listener on the way to the local prom, is geared for the radio that is blaring in the kitchen of a local restaurant. For folks that have to work that evening, or on a holiday. You identify and call out something that listener, blog reader knows is intended for them. Not just being an announcer reading scripted copy without thought or expression of what the words mean. Like not just playing individual notes on a piano but putting them together to make music, a sound, cause a “feeling” or atmosphere of friendly, fun, entertainment, information. In radio if you ever felt under the weather, you would never talk about it, whine or bring it up. You are there to entertain, help the listener with weather, music requests, reading about a lost dog or cat you need help find on “pet patrol”.

Why would I want to read this Maine blog? What would I want to know more about if I lived out of state? We produce videos that hit the frequently asked Maine questions too.

So instead of making tired, red, irritated eyeballs scan copy, the pair of peepers can just sit back and take in the simply to digest “movie”. “Video” produced not on a Hollywood grand scale but to just deliver, give the guy or gal on the other end something simple for free about Maine.

That they need, want to know about. And because I live in Maine, what the heck. No one else is doing it so sign on for a shift, sit at the board, open that mic and today talk, blog about weather in Maine. Tomorrow about light houses and fiddle heads. Or ME snowsledding, soap box derby racing or hiking Baxter State Park’s Mt Katahdin in Maine the next day.

I don’t just write, shoot video, post images on flickr about Maine because it is my job. I am a personal fan, passionate about living here in “Vacationland” too. If you are a follower of MeInMaine blog, have areas you wished I would post more about, email, call, come visit us in person. It’s your “show”. I try to see the blog readers on MeInMaine I am having conversation with, talking to, sharing with about this state that is way way up here in the right hand corner of the country. Maine, it’s all in one place. Your heart belongs in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR / MeInMaine Blog Author Andrew Mooers