A vacation camping can mean a simple Maine log cabin with cooking on an open fire, maybe with a screened in front porch.

Activities can involved sporting hunting/fishing.snowsledding or ATV trips with your buddies. Card games, reading a book or two, long walks, being up close and personal with the wildlife on a lake, river, stream, ocean is another Maine attraction.

But the word camping may not mean hiking Baxter Park’s Mt Katahdin, or winter cross country skiing and could translate in to an air conditioned “second home” in Maine that has satelite tv, high speed internet, wall to wall rugs and a full basement too. There are folks that drive large close to a million dollar “land yatchs” to

Maine, Lots Of Flavors, Meaning To That Word When Talking Vacationing.
Maine, Lots Of Flavors, Meaning To That Word When Talking Vacationing.

Maine and park them at camp grounds, at Walmarts, on a piece of land they purchase. We in Houlton Maine, Aroostook County see many campers heading further north to the wooded wildnerness, or with a canoe / kayak strapped to the car / truck top on a trip to the Allagash Waterway. Or maybe to spring board on vacation to the Atlantic Canadian Provinces to the east. Say Prince Edward Island, over to Nova Scotia, the New Brunswick Province of Canada.

What is your idea of “camping” and does it involve a tent, outdoor cooking, sleeping under the stars and near Maine water frontage? Maine is “Vacationland” for a reason.

I feel extremely lucky, fortunate, passionate about having all Maine offers right in my own backyard.

Not having to travel miles and miles to get to something this beautiful, unspoiled, with just the right spacing of people. No traffic, no pollution, not a lot of noise, pushing or shoving. Maine, grab your coat, tell your friends you’re heading north. Get here quick as you can, anyway you can. Hitch hike, hop on a motorcyle, saddle up a horse. But keep in mind, the simpler the vacation camping the better in Maine. That’s how we roll. Fun, easy, low cost, high value thanks to the setting in Maine doing all the work.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers