Elliot Mooers Anxious To Get On The Ice To Play Hockey As A Mite Player At Five.
Elliot Mooers Anxious To Get On The Ice To Play Hockey As A Mite Player At Five.

With four kids, college trips are common to pick up, deliver return to school and this weekend I am logged on at a motel in York Maine, watching the Spartan movie “300”, blogging on a lap top.

Alex, the oldest son has one more semester at George Washington University. And it will be nice to have he and his younger brother Elliot home from Colorado Springs, Colorado where he is returning next week from completion of his first year of college. Youngest daughter Amanda is thru school in Boston and moving to a new apartment the end of the month so talked with her on the way down Interstate 95 in the jeep. Her oldest sister Elizabeth in New York City plans to come help her make the move and all is well among the four children.

Kids, family, raisng children is most precious, valuable time spend in a person’s life time. Kids teach parents things, keep them honest and have an enthusiasm, drive, vigor that is healthy to be around.

I am glad the four siblings were raised in Maine, they are lucky they grew up in “Vacationland”.

Maine is a simpler approach to life, backed by work ethic, family values, ourdoor respect for the four season resources we are charged to be good stewards over. Picking potatoes to earn spending money did not hurt the kids and helped shape their sense of what effort is needed to earn a dollar. How to hang on to that dollar and when it is exchanged, value in return is part of the frugal bargaining.

Maine may be what is missing in your life. Thank you for following this blog, and your comments to help shape its direction. Please watch our videos on the local Maine community and follow our 1300 plus Active Rain blog posts. Visit our state, meet our people, learn and sample the flavor of what every Mainer knows. Being grateful to live up here in the right hand corner of the nation, on the Canadian border far enough to not be spoiled by over population, pollution, crime.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers