Maine Lakes Are Unspoiled, Fished Filled, Soothing To Be On, Look Out Over.

Aroostook County, the top of Maine, the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

Somehow, by fate, coincidence or just sheer luck you get to spend a day in the “Crown of Maine”, in Aroostook County. What to do to make the best use of your time, to hit the highlights? Like a cruise ship that floats to three islands, and you collect all three t-shirts getting off to sample each venue for a day. Your cruise ship is in Aroostook County, parked, waiting for you to get back on board, to sail south.

You are not going to be doing the Allagash Wilderness Waterway trip. Too many days and that is an advernture for the next few day vacation you set aside on your return to Aroostook County. The Allagash trip is technically in Piscataquis County if the truth be known. Just like Baxter State Park is technically in Penobscot County’s northern most regions for the north entrance to climb Mt Katahdin.

So you are only here for a day which means a quick trip across the Canadian border in to New Brunswick, Quebec that both border us could be in the short time frame. Just to say you’ve been there, read the metric signs, learned a little roadside French. Collected a loonie or two for a sourvenir. If you had little kids with you, a climb up Horse Mountain, an easy trail in Baxter State Park would be memorable. Or a similiar hike up Echo Mountain at Aroostook State Park, Haystack Mountain in Caste Hill would give you scenery, exercise in the short period you cruise ship is anchored in Northern Maine. Outdoors is big in Maine. All four seasons. If you landed here in the winter, snowsledding to really cover ground would be a possibility. That adventure gets you to places not accessible by car and loaded with wildlife, scenery.

Just spending the day on one of the many lakes, ponds, rivers in Aroostok County could be what you had it mind. Put your feet up, lean back on a lake deck and peer out over the water.

Just relaxing without any huffing and puffing in Northern Maine.

Low key, but still with water in front of your, along with fish jumping, a coffee in your hand while the sun rises, birds serenade you. You saw a moose, deer, black bear all from your open deck or while driving around Aroostook County. Bean suppers at local community churches or say the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum are not a bad use of a few hours during your trek thru Northern Maine either. Or if you land here around June 19th, you could watch the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race in Houlton Maine. It was the nation’s largest five years in a row!

The best part of Aroostook County is not the unspoiled rolling fields, woods, waterways and long views. Not the wildlife in Northern Maine either or watching the changing of the seasons. It’s the people. Hardworking, family oriented, down to earth and interesting. Simple living by choice, but anything but simple mentally. Mainers have their feet on the ground, are focused on taking care of the neat region we are blessed with. We enjoy where we live, who we are, and want to meet you too. You will come away from Aroostook County’s day visit with a sense of peace, hope. Knowing there is a place where the pace of life is not 200 miles an hour, other people matter and time out to enjoy the four season beauty of a place like Aroostook County really happens. You’ll be back from your day long taste to spend more time here. To get to know Aroostook County..the “other Maine”.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers