You see a few of these and moose, deer on the Maine highways too.
You see a few of these and moose, deer on the Maine highways too.

Not many people will recommend hitch hiking.

But in Maine, the 4th lowest crime state, I never worried about getting picked up or myself giving someone road side a ride. I worked in broadcasting in Bangor Maine through out college and for two years after I graduated. And it was rare I could get back from Orono to Houlton Maine, two hours away. But when I could, even though I had a Pinto, sometimes it was easy to catch a ride. To save money. And the trip went by very fast with some neat conversations along the way.

It was not always a thumb out, and random hitch hiking either. My dad had a fleet of trucks used to haul Maine potatoes to market and french fry paper cartons back to the County. So many times a ride back on an 18 wheeler was not hard to coordinate.

Waiting on the side of the road just did not happen. Maybe it is Maine people being trusty, friendly. Or this young college kid could remind them of their kids, or themselves earlier in their lives.

Maybe if I was a young Maine lady I would have a different attitude.

But if you follow Maine news, you just don’t hear of mishaps, wrong deeds done with hitch hiking part of the crime. Some times there would be two of us with our thumbs out looking for a ride. And I still pick up a student, young person needing a ride. Without thinking twice about it. Maybe because folks did this for me getting back and forth to Houlton and Bangor Maine.

If you like people, are interested in them and don’t live in a high crime area, you can learn regardless from your new rider or driver. Hitch hiking can be a neat way to spend two hours getting to know about someone that always always has some friend in common with you in the low population county of Aroostook. There are 11 people per square mile in Northern Maine. Maybe that helps explain why folks look out for each other, can not drive by and leave someone out in the rain. Standing by the side of the road. Maine, its way way different here. Get here quick as you can to see for yourself.

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