Teaching The Skills Of Potato Picking Early On.
Teaching The Skills Of Potato Picking Early On.

When you see the glossy colored brochures, write ups and tourism industry generated videos, promotional propaganda on Maine, you get excited.

Maine is vastly different than over populated areas with too many people to deal with, drive around, worry about crime wise. It is not like that here…life if so much simpler. After you get thru the slide show of Maine lobster, lighthouses, blueberry pie, potato picking and Mt Katahdin, there are the topics left out that enrich your life.

For starters, it helps if you aproach Maine with a slight attitude adjustment. Small mental tweaking on how you are living your life now. If it is a blur, where you are detached from your surroundings, and only absorbed in a few areas like work, a sport, or baggage from the past, we have some prep work. Happier living starts with a different outlook. And Maine then becomes the backdrop. Provides the scenery change. The removal, weeding out of too many people. And replacement with four season beauty to continue the “new you” enhancement.

When you find yourself, put yourself on the side of a Maine lake, and it’s 5am with the sun coming up, you have forgotten the freeway to work you do battle on most days. You are aware of the singing birds in the trees.Hear and see fish jump near the dock the kayak is lashed to. You are walking before a breakfast you cook that is not hurried, is actually fun to create. The kids are still sleeping because the jet ski tubing you did with them yesterday wore them out in a good way. In an energy drained, that was fun manner memorable fashion. Tomorrow you will take those same kids and hike in Baxter State Park. You will not be thinking of phone calls to return, emails to check, or stirring any back burner office projects for the next week.

This vacation in Maine removes the hectic you have assembled in to your life. Replaces it with a new awareness of your surroundings. You are in Maine. You have let go, relaxed and figured out a few of the secrets of a fulfilled, happy connencted life. Maine is more than a place. Fill your life with that clean air. Study the bluer than bluer sky during the day. The million star on black velvet same sky but at night under a moonlight that dances on that same lake you got energy from visually this morniing with that coffee. Maine is a people that are hardworking, family centered, willing to help you out and accept your quirks. And at the same time are curious and wanting to learn where you have been.What you have learned that you can share with them. That’s a true Mainer.

The connection to others. The awareness of the place we live and respect for all Maine offers starts with depending on ourselves.

The ingredients for contentment, serenity are like low hanging fruit in Maine. We don’t have to create the setting or buy the enhancements to create the flavor. It is already here, not spoiled or removed by man or development under the banner of progress. And being on a budget is a great way to carve out a simpler life in Maine.

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