Reaching, Searching For The "Food" At A Pace We Can Stand.

As cars got quieter, roads improved, speeds on interstate highway systems kept a steady increase as the years zoomed by. Where you live and your day to day hubbub can be like that.

Much of the blur, the faster pace of life involved getting around the growing population of where you live and chasing the American dollar. If money was not an object, what would you do with your time, your day to day filled with what else? Trying to find something to do you love that does not feel like work. And much of what we do, how we do it revolves around the weather. In Maine we get lots of weather.

If the car you are driving faster and faster on those better built roads and to get to more and more over booked life events were suddenly not on roads with much traffic, think how much nicer the drive would be. You could look around and enjoy the ride. See the cows grazing to the right, the sunlight dancing off the lake to the left as the sense of being in the moment is allowed to shine thru. To be felt and replace the condition, side effects of hurriedness, or the numbness and anxiety.
For fun, what do you do to relax? Without a drug, or a drink of tonic, what natural surroundings make you happier? Maine’s four seasons scenery is intoxicating, like a drug.

As our life gets busier, more cluttered and less organized, it is a constant struggle to keep pulling the throttle back, to maintain a sane speed. To avoid becoming velocitized.

Impatience is a decision and can become a lifestyle. Over-reacting to this person who rubs you the wrong way, or does not move as fast of you. That person is following a different metronome beat or rhythm and not doing it to bother you. They have found their speed or balance or moderation…and maybe you have not. Yet. Most Mainers who live here full time have. Or are recovering velocitized “transplants” hungry for a slower pace of living in Maine.

In our job, we hear the common refrain over and over that the caller or emailers life is out of control. Steadli going faster faster with no let up in sight. Much of that self inflicted blur is due to adding on more and more tasks, goals, obligations. That can steal your joy, make you tired and not so much fun to be around. Maine is simpler living, family oriented recreation right here in our own backyard in “Vacationland”. Maine, get here just as quick as you can (smile)…within the speed limit, and your own personal pace of course.

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