The little black yard and deep woods varmits may be more determined than ever to tap your blood this year.

I always figure the intensity of the black flies and mosquito was directly tied to the severity of a Maine winter and whether there were breeding pools from an above average wet spring. How many extra buzzing flies will be here to take part in your BBQ? Not sure what the farmers almanac says on the subject. But I do know for about two weeks in late May, the black flies and state bird, the mosquito, come into action quickly and then after those two weeks things settle down.

Black flies, mosquitoes die down and you and I get used to them. It is a bit of both. The birds that eat them kick into gear and are home from southern climates by spring.  Plus the life expectancy of a black fly is about a day! Fish harvest the bugs too. So do dragon flies that look scary but do a lot of good.

In the open areas, not bad for this transition period but in the deep deep woods, you better keep moving.

What's That Whining, Buzzing Sound That's Getting Louder?
What’s That Whining, Buzzing Sound That’s Getting Louder?

They can drive some animals crazy and many car accidents in Northern Maine happen  during hunting season, mating season or bug season.  All the above get the animal population riled up and moving out on to the highways and byways of Maine!

If buying land, something with a little elevation and breeze will keep them down wind…but too good a view and elevation and hey..where are my roof shingles going in December (whiz whiz)?  There is a happy medium.  Actually with mosquito’s my research shows the males don’t take blood and nibble instead on plant nectar. The females  blood feed to obtain a protein source for their eggs.

Every real estate broker is asked often in the spring…How are the black flies?  If a broker says, no problem, no black flies or bugs in his/her part of Maine he is fibbing. Or next to something with drums and skull / cross bones that also with further research shows he/she does not have birds, bees or any other wildlife now that you mention it!

The bugs exist but not half as bad as the Maine humorists and fly repellent people would lead you to believe. 

If you search the internet often the problem is blown way way out of proportion and then the kicker is the site brings up a new super duper eighteen letter product that knocks them six ways into next Sunday.  These articles and products create a need that a bottle of Avon’s skin so soft will cure anyway!

Some folks are just sweeter or more aromatic or magnetic or something…some folks are bug magnets.  The population sector that gets it the worst?  Little kids playing while black flies dive bomb for the tender spots on the back of their neck under their hair while parents realize later at tub time that night “Oh Oh…” the first time out with the new born.  Once is all it takes to fortify for the next trip outdoor. Visit link for black fly news in Maine, for lots more on the pesky subject.

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