Maine State Soap Box Derby Race 2024.

Since 1996, every June the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race runs in the town of Houlton ME. This blog post is about this past weekend’s June 22nd 2024 race and with a little Maine soap box derby rich history mixed in for good measure.

maine soap box derby
Drivers Ready? Checked Your Brakes? Win Pins In? Helmet Feel Right? 3, 2, 1….(Metal Release Sound)

The Houlton Maine / Aroostook County soap box derby race run in Houlton Maine was largest local in the entire nation for five years in a row.

And the Northern Maine race is one and only venue for the state race held each June. To determine a winner in stock, superstock and sometimes master soap box derby race divisions. At one time, Maine had five local races held in Bangor / Brewer, Camden, Houlton, Rumford, South Portland.

The top derby racers in each division class go on from Maine to represent the state out in the All America Soap Box Derby 3 lane track in Akron, Ohio.

The big world series of soap box derby racing tradition started back in 1934.

Maine Soap Box Derby Winner Akron Ohio
Maine Soap Box Derby Racers Do Well Competing In Akron Ohio All American Race!

With perfect sunshine summer weather, the 34 derby racers gathered to race on Derby Hill.

This year’s derby race fielded 24 stock and 10 super stock racers. This specially engineered soap box derby racing hill constructed in Community Park in Houlton Maine makes set up and tear down a breeze.

soap box derby track houlton maine
Houlton Maine’s Derby Hill In Community Park! The Thrill Of The Hill in Northern Maine Happens Each June!


all american soap box derby logo
The World Series Of Soap Box Derby Racing Happens In Akron Ohio. Since 1934, Kids Compete In Local Races To Go On To Akron’s Big Race.

Derby Hill has a garage storage building perched on top courtesy of the Houlton Rotary Club.

The aviation grade pavement put down on the two lane soap box derby race track has lights, guardrails and is over 900′ long.

One neat slick efficient hill to race on and no more setting up and tear down to make a public street your soap box derby course to compete.

A paved derby side run keeps the supply of soap box derby cars steady. Specially built derby trailers are loaded with empty cars on back. Their car drivers riding in the front tow vehicles pulling these loaded soap box derby trailers.

maine soap box derby race
Helping Young Soap Box Derby Drivers, It Takes A Village, Your Family, Sponsors.

Watch this year’s Maine soap box derby race highlights Facebook video.

The stock derby car class winner this year was Aiden Cyr. Super stock derby car winner was Addyson Lynds. For more on the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby history, check out the images and information here. Visit the Northern Maine soap box derby website.

soap box derby winners houlton maine
Stock Racer Aiden Cyr And Super Stock Racer Addyson Lynds Win Houlton Maine Soap Box Derby 2024 Race!

Always looking for new Maine soap box derby racers to catch the fever.

Derby race, car sponsors and family support to help new drivers learn the “Thrill of the Hill” in Houlton Maine. Those folks all come together to create the small Maine town friendly, fair soap box derby racing experience for our youth.

all repaired soap box derby race car
Ready To Race After Loosing A Wheel Pin Cotter Key. No One Hurt, Safety First.

Love to talk “derby” and figure why should a kid wait until they are sixteen to drive a car?

Neat racing event and your entire family is involved in soap box derby. Each child can compete along with their big or little brother and sister. Lots learned about gravity, science of engineering, safety and competing fair and square on Derby Hill in Community Park, Houlton Maine.

Since 1996, have been involved in the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Racing program.

Have helped lots of derby racers, including two of my own kids make the trip west to compete in the All American big race in Akron Ohio.

houlton maine soap box derby
Gather Round The Soap Box Derby Racing Exam Table. Like A Field Hospital For Repairs And Therapy.

Maine soap box derby racing in Houlton Maine. Reach out, here for questions about everything soap box derby. The Northern ME soap box derby committee puts on the big state of Maine race event each June.

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