Lake Ice fishing in Maine.

The warmer than usual temperatures earlier this winter made Maine lake ice fishing impossible. Open water kept ice fishing shacks from populating Maine lakes earlier this winter. And this week’s Maine weather forecast is calling for more above freezing point temperatures.

maine ice fishing game warden
Everyone Enjoys Outdoor Maine Lake Ice Fishing. Even The Family Dog.

The tug of war from no ice to a thin layer then back to open water forced Maine winter outdoor lovers to try other sports.

Not that small Maine down hill ski areas have it much better. Lucky to have any mountain trails available like this Hermon Mountain ski area short video shows.

Making snow is expensive and higher than normal Maine temperatures messed up skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing too. Winter snow is vital to Maine tourism at local lodges, motels, restaurants and communities that depend on the white stuff to boost the economy.

So back to lake ice fishing in Maine.

This past weekend thanks to a few days of lower weather forecast temperatures, Maine lakes firmed up enough to allow ice fishing.

Watch a drone aerial video of Drews, Nickerson Lake ice fishing in Aroostook County.

Saturday all around Northern Maine ice fishing enthusiasts headed out onto frozen lakes to set up the shacks. To drill the maximum five holes to open up the Maine lake. Dropping the baited lines, setting ice fishing traps to wait and watch for the orange flags to trip. You’re not going to get a hernia from the pace of the Maine lake ice fishing sport. It’s not a race waiting for fish of all types to nibble on the line.

Ice fishing Maine lakes is not a highly strenuous outdoor winter spot.

But there is lots more to it than just catching your limit or the largest fish pulled up through the hole during an ice fishing derby.

maine lake ice fishing
Kinda Windy Out In The Open On A Maine Lake Ice Fishing. No Trees For A Wind Break As Gusts Pick Up Speed Down Across The Frozen Layer Of Lake Ice.

The ice fishing shacks have all the creature comforts.

More chili? Pulled pork sandwiches or baked beans? Oyster or better yet fish chowder? Some hot chocolate? I’ve seen Satellite dishes to watch the super bowl. Gas or wood unit stoves heating the smaller square footage. The wind gusts pummel the small shack hauled out to be your temporary home ice fishing.

Winds and blowing snow creates the cozy, tight quarters home away from home by yourself on a Maine frozen sheet of lake ice.

This year’s drought of snow and unseasonably warm temperatures have fouled up ice fishing, snow skiing, all of the winter recreation in Maine. Here is the local Maine ice fishing lake report around the state.

maine ice fishing
Snowmobiles A Big Part Of Maine Ice Fishing. Lugging Your Gear, Food, Fire Wood… The Shack Out To Your Spot On A Maine Lake.

Spirited cribbage board and card games happen during Maine lake ice fishing season.

The kids are pulled by snowmobiles on toboggans, saucers and sleds. Four wheelers are equipped with tracks to keep them from getting stuck.

Ice Highway To Winter Lake Fishing
Ice Fishing On Maine Lakes, A Plowed Or Groomed Roadway Leads To The Village Of Ice Fishing Shacks.

Roads are plowed down the middle of Maine lakes using pickups or snow sled club groomers for the temporary transportation.

Hauling out the ice shack, the tents, the Jiffy ice auger and supplies for food and fun.

An eight inch hole is best for larger fish that won’t fit so easily through a six inch one. But a ten inch hole would be dangerous for ice fisherman and their friends, families who could accidently step into them and potentially hurt their legs.

Maine Lake Ice Fishing Shacks On Drews Lake
Drews Lake Maine Group Of Ice Fishing Shacks. Fishing Derbies Around Maine Lakes Make Angling For Fish Profitable And Competitive.

I know a friend of mine who was fishing for salmon on Deering Lake in Weston Maine who cut his leg on the ice auger.

A few years back, he had an accident. He lost quite a bit of blood and drove himself to the local hospital. The motorized auger got too close to this snow sledding boots. Bit him. A buddy system and measuring the ice depths all help make ice fishing less stressful for the local Maine game warden.

maine lake ice fishing
Maine Drews Lake Ice Fishing Derby Happened As Part Of Moosestompers Weekend.

A friend of mine lived on Drews Lake and in high school if I ask permission to spend the night, my Dad would always make me promise.

Don’t drive on the ice. I can hold my breath, but not until spring. You go through the hole in the ice and might not find an opening to come back up through if their is a water current.

maine ice fishing shacks
Socializing, More Than Just Fishing For Supper Or A Trophy Under The Frozen Sheet Of Maine Lake Ice.

The thought of falling through the ice walking, on a snowmobile or in a vehicle is a nightmare I don’t want to be in. But flying the drone and thanks to a telephoto camera lens brought along for the capture from shore,

Dad would be happy. I did not have to drive out on the ice to get closer to the ice fishing lake action for the video and still photography.

maine lake ice fishing shacks
Making A Weekend, Enjoying A Maine Winter Ice Fishing On Drews Lake!

Blogged earlier about a fellow losing his brand new DeSoto car sinking through East Grand Lake a while back on this Me In Maine blog.

Ice fishing a Maine lake?

Ever do it? It is peaceful, quiet and you never know who will stop in by cross country ski, snowmobile or driving out to your ice shack to visit. Maine, we don’t hibernate and sit on a couch shivering. Playing outside learned as a kid and sticks with you until the end of your days living and enjoying rural Maine.

Nickerson Lake Ice Fishing
Drone Aerial Of Nickerson Lake Ice Fishing This Past Weekend Up In Aroostook County.

Dressing with layers and the right gear to be out in the fresh air in Maine.

True Mainers are outdoors everyday of the year and loving it. Blue sky, fresh sparkling snow, the sound of it crunching under foot. Winter air invigorates and increases awareness in the stillness around you up to camp in Maine.

Ice fishing in Maine is one more winter sport to help pass the time as the kitchen calendar sheets one by one get checked off and used up slowly.

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