Maine dentist sees a foo foo coffee surgary trend.

Initially this Houlton Maine veteran dentist was shocked at a pattern seen in one segment of his dental office exams. During a Rotary Auction nightly session last week, Dr Karl Woods told me at first he was stumped. The segment that suddenly was having a number of tooth cavities that previously did not need so much of his chair time.

It is no secret there is a shortage of dentists to service small rural areas that Maine has. So we all have to easy does it on the use of a Maine dentist when they are stretched so thin.

maine land
Maine Land. More Acres, Lots Of Wildlife, Less People!

It took a little questioning and study to get to the “why” so much of a spike in tooth decay.

Many in this particular segment of his dental practice causing so much concern he deduced were recent, brand new Maine drivers.

The new habit and freedom of spinning through the drive thru, rolling down the window at say Duncan Donuts or Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Aroma Joe’s.

The Maine dentist with a little study and questioning learned why the spike in cavities in patients that had none or very few of them. The Foo Foo coffees and all that sickening sweet heaping sugar and additives. Foo foo coffees. That’s what I call them and don’t think I have a bone to pick with any coffee drinkers.

Heck no.

But those foo foo coffees and extra splash or this and this and that. Those babies are expensive in more ways than one. Besides the cost of the drive thru drink, now you better be factoring in the “quality time” with your local Maine dentist into the expense.

Straight up, make it black and just the coffee is my preferred way to enjoy a hot, steaming cup of Joe.

Keep it easy to remember, very simple. No heaping sugar times four or eight. Hold it. Keep your squirt of cream. No thank you to the caramel twist of mist or turbo this and that. But I realize it’s not your grandparent’s or the cowboy’s way of preparing and drinking coffee these days.

I must be a coffee dinosaur.

Not too particular and can even be from this morning’s pot of coffee. Fine and dandy to 2nd time nuke, the heat it up for this afternoon’s pick me up pause cup.

These days the Keurig one personal coffee serving NASCAR quick shot of coffee is pretty darn convenient.

making home made apple cider
Squeezing Apples, Making Cider For Family Enjoyment.

No pot of coffee wasted and poured down the drain. But back to the Foo Foo expensive coffee laps around the drive thru. Not just on your birthday or to celebrate a promotion or holiday.

Many trips through and ching ching the sound of your daily addiction? Add it up. Do you spend over 30 dollars a day on your coffee fix?

So word to the wise from a local Maine dentist.

Read the sugar content in whatever the new driver, any one in your household is consuming for hot, cold, any kind of coffee drink. It used to be Mountain Dew was the big no no for sugar mixed with caffeine.

Long before five hour energy or Red Bull came along.

Besides the holes in your teeth needing expensive high speed drilling and repair, what does all that sugar do to jack up your heart?

What are PVC’s you say?

More on the negative effects of too much sugar. Then ramp it up with too much caffeine that can mess with your heart’s lub dub 5-6-7-8.

So how do you like your coffee and when?

First thing in the early morning to wakey wakey?

With a cigarette after desert or feeling frisky?

Coffee, not just for industrial use to keep truckers alert and on their toes behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler.

And do you have new young Maine drivers that are finding the ease to open up the drive thru app to get their elixir of choice? Watch out.

Your first sign of a problem may come in the form of a dental office bill.

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