Portland ME Sea Dogs baseball game trip, just a quick instate couple of days on the Maine coast.

When you live in Maine, you have “Vacationland” in your backyard. The long drive up to and leaving Maine is removed when you are a local native living in Maine. This past weekend, zipped down to one of the favorite places on the Maine coast, Wells Beach to park it and take in some coastline salt air and sand.

sea dogs concession stand
Hungry For Stadium Food At Hadlock Field? Pick It Up Yourself Or Sit Still, Delivered To Your Seat. Door Dash It.

Lots to cram in on the mini vacation instate trip agenda including a visit to A Portland Sea Dogs baseball game at Hadlock Field.

Hadlock Field is a minor league baseball stadium in Portland, Maine.

New experience for me and here’s what I learned and can share about Hadlock Field. Hadlock Field, named at Portland High School baseball coach Edson Hadlock  Jr.

The Hadlock Field baseball stadium seats about 7,368 sport fans, compared to Boston’s Fenway Park which can handled roughly 37,500 bat, ball and glove baseball enthusiasts.

Many of the fans wear gloves. Not for warmth or to avoid frost bite. No no, to be ready to hoist that glove into the air and gain a baseball for the collection.

portland sea dogs game hadlock field
Hadlock Field Happy, Ready For A Foul Ball Into The Stand Baseball Fans.

Hadlock Field is used primarily as the home park for the Portland Sea Dogs of the Minor Level Eastern League.

But the Portland High School Bulldogs, the Deering High School Rams baseball teams both utilize Hadlock Field. Hadlock Field is located at 271 Park Ave Portland ME, reach out with questions to 207-874-9300. The Portland Sea Dogs baseball field opened April 18th, 1994 and cost about three million to create. The Portland Sea Dogs are a Double A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

hadlock field seating
Great Seats For The Portland Sea Dogs Game. Perfect Weather Too!

How big is Hadlock Field? Here are the stats, the park by the numbers for the Sea Dogs home stadium.

Left field, 315′, Center field, 400′, Right field 330′ is how the Portland Sea Dogs home baseball park shapes up for dimensions.

Named after long time Portland High baseball coach Edson Hadlock Jr, Hadlock field is a 7,368 seat classic minor league baseball stadium.

Had a face lift overhaul in a major renovation in 1993 and boasts great site lines and an intimate atmosphere that brings the fans right into the action. In comparison, The Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park seats roughly 37,500 baseball fans.

games contests hadlock field
More Than Baseball Going On At Hadlock Field, Home Of The Portland Sea Dogs Team.

Easy park to get in and out of plus the game day atmosphere at Hadlock Field is probably similar to many other same level ballparks.

You don’t get bored, there is plenty going on to distract from the baseball action on the carefully manicured playing field. Contests, give aways, school and civic group recognition is pretty much going on using the LED big scoreboard screen and PA system. Lots of families, plenty of kids wearing Sea Dog and Boston Red Sox hats and baseball jerseys surround you. Most with gloves hoping to snag a pop fly foul ball into the stands.

portland sea dogs scoreboard
Who We Playing, What’s The Score, The Count? See It All Unfold On The Big Outfield Sea Dogs Scoreboard.

A statue of the Sea Dogs’ mascot, Slugger the seal greets fans at the entrance to Hadlock Field.


Slugger is pretty acrobatic and not a bit shy as he/she inside that hot costume works hard to entertain and engage the crowd.

The Houlton Maine School of Dance team went to Portland Maine to perform their routine before the crowd at Hadlock Field in Portland ME! Both Houlton and Studio One in Millinocket dance teams combined to do a Sea Dogs game performance.

Posting more images of the trip down to see the Maine Sea Dogs baseball team that’s home games played at Hadlock Field park in Portland ME.

hadlock field portland me
The Portland Sea Dogs Baseball Team Plays Home Games At Hacklock Field, Portland ME.
hadlock field portland me
The Portland ME Sea Dogs Team. The Baseball Team “Play BALLLLllll” At Hadlock Field.
Baseball Team Coaches Confer And Shoot The Breeze Before The Game Gets Underway.
“How Are The Wife And Kids….”. The Baseball Coaches Confer At Hadlock Field, Portland ME.

Lots of games between innings at the Portland Seadogs baseball games to keep it entertaining.

sea dogs game contests
More Than Baseball Players Providing The Action. Lots Of Contests With Crowd Member Participation.

Plenty of groups invited to the Hadlock Field home games to generate interest and revenue.

The entertainment value beyond what happens with players successfully getting hits and running the bases. The weather was sunny, the park small enough so everyone got in and out quickly. Could move around and get something to snack on or visit with other folks you always bang into when you live and travel instate Maine.

The coastline along Wells Beach ME was misty with fog trying to burn off with a hot sun hidden behind the cloud cover.

maine coastline seagull flying
Maine Coastline Hidden By Fog And Mist This Past Weekend. The Seagulls Soar And Troll For Snacks Along The Sandy Beach.

Plenty of space along the Maine beach to play games, like one trio with sword play practice underway.

men sword fighting
Practicing The Sword Play Stills With Wooden Not Steel Blades. Less Need To Head To A Maine Emergency Room When The Real Deal Steel Is Not Used In Sword Fights.

The mini golf, go carts and video game arcades are always a favorite for the kids in your Maine Vacation group.

maine mini golf go carts
Games Outside In Maine When You Are In A Coastal Town. Mini Golf, Go Karts, Video Game Arcades Always Family Fun.
mini golf in maine
SHHhhhhh… Putting For Less Strokes, Lower Mini Golf Score. Can Get Pretty Competitive When Everyone Wants To Win.
go carks in maine
Tight Corners, Out On The Open Asphalt Go Cart Track. Welcome To Coastal Maine’s Attractions All Ages Take A Turn To Show Their Driving Skills.
go carts racing in maine
Hop In, Strap Your Seat Belt Harness Tightly. Ready To Go Cart Race In Maine?

Finishing all the outdoor games with a Maine ice cream cone or sundae. Dairy bar ice cream outlets are big crowd pleasers in Maine when the temperatures rise.

ice cream dairy bars
Maine Ice Cream Dairy Bars, What’s Your Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cold Ice Cream?

Since COVID protocols have been lifted and folks are moving around more freely, Maine’s tourist season is back in full swing. The being parked and not able to attend some more crowded Maine venues, only makes the desire to return to them stronger. Just walking along the coastline, through Maine wood’s trails or around open pasture farm fields.

So so lucky to have few people and all this vast space to move around in Maine.

victorian home in maine
Maine Victorian Homes, They Pop Up Everywhere. Like This One Noticed Walking Along The Old Port Maine Region Of Portland Harbor.

The local Wells Beach ME area businesses I talked to commented on how busy for the time of year their locations were this year.

I try to revisit this Maine coastal region especially through out the year and never tire of the local community flavor. The more you do return to an area of Maine, the deeper the affection that grows inside. Anything Maine is fair game to write and photo about for this blog platform.

maine walks
Exercise, Who’s Walking Who In This Maine Image Around The Old Port, Portland ME?

These blog posts about Maine help explain why I love living in this state up in the right hand corner of the country.

Venturing into Atlantic Canada is covered too, not just Maine blog post topics too. Outdoors, indoors, over the border into a Canadian province or two or three happens.

maine vacations
Anything Maine, That’s Fair Game In Our Me In Maine Blog Post Series.

When we traveled up to Portland ME to attend the Sea Dogs baseball game, we noticed lots of activity along the waterfront around the Old Port region.

old port region, maine
Maine’s Old Port region. Walking Along The Coastline, What You See And Hear The Buzz Along The Waterfront Is Always Popular.
boats in a Maine harbor
The Floating Parking Lot For Boats. The Maine Coast Gets Lots Of Traffic Of All Kinds. Many Powered By The Wind Using Sails. Others With Back Up Or Primary Motors Doing The Propulsion.

Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts.

maine coastal sunset photo
Welcome To Maine, A Place With Many Facets To Visit. To Return To Over And Over For More.

How to share and cover more of life in Maine, what’s it like in this big unspoiled state.

I try to sample simple living in Maine and the photos, videos do the best job transporting you to Vacationland. What’s it like living in Maine? You take a lifetime exploring and discovering and never grow tired of new visits to old places in the great state of Maine.

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