Blogging on Maine, posts on local news.

Smaller local community newspapers, radio stations, any television broadcast outlet if your Maine area is lucky enough to have one struggle to stay in the black ink. A steady decline in population and rising costs caused the problem. As those local “news voices” become regional, then statewide entities, the reader, listener and viewership lose out on the pulse of whatever Maine town they serve. This post on blogging on Maine.

battling coronovirus
Battling Coronovirus, Whatever Life Dragon Needing Slaying. Small Maine Town Living Blog Posts. Helping People Who Are Thinking Moving, Relocating To Maine.


Maine’s simple way of living surrounded by all this natural unspoiled beauty is more popular than ever though.

I believe with high speed Internet chased down, heavily funded and implemented through beefed up connections around Maine communities, that our population will stabilize, then grow. COVID19 has taught naysayers that you can bring your work home with you and operate efficiently in the virtual high tech World. The eight out of ten people living in a city trend is reversing. The search for low cost land and lots of space around where you live is causing many to head for the country hills of Maine.

Blogging on Maine.

Telling the story of everything Maine. The state of Maine already had more second homes that any other state for a reason. It is easy to forget just how lucky a native Mainer is to be here full time. Now those vacation getaways are being reworked big time. Taking what was a simple Maine cottage or camp and retooling it into more is the trend statewide. I talk with other Maine REALTORS and the Maine Listing numbers bears out the up tick in real estate activity. Quarantined for two weeks, folks carry on their person those 72 hour tests showing no high temps and a negative test for COVID19.

small town maine living
Locals Are Put To Work On Maine Community Events. Year After Year For Life.

People in a city setting have been on house arrest and severely cooped up, doing lots of online searches.

Self study, hunkered down. Low on hugs, stuck in the cell of four all too familiar walls. Those in rural Maine are well aware of COVID19 too. But adapting quicker to it to preserve their unique community quality of life. There are less obstacles. That’s what the blog post follower learns as post after post tell it like it is from a local who lives here and loves Maine. Those in the blog post audience have a connection to Maine or wish they did. Many starting to think what about moving, relocating to Maine.

As the migration out of Maine to meet financial career objections gets questioned by those jammed in a city, what about Vacationland? The Maine small rural setting as the better way life solution is being discussed in lots of out of state households. Family decisions to move to Maine are common conversations these days.

Case in point, I personally have a little Maine log lake cottage property.

The little red waterfront structure originally built in 1959 and an addition added on about fifteen years later. I bought it at first only because the peace and quiet next door due to the place just not being used could all change in a real estate transfer.

little red log lake camp
The Before Image Of The Little Red Log Lake Camp Up In Maine.

The small, cozy red log lake camp bought partially out of fear of losing the solitude now enjoyed.

Knowing the best neighbor is often just no neighbor right? Wanting to continue to enjoy the lake loons singing or crying depending on your perspective on any given day or night without a noisy neighbor. The LC Andrews traditional log cabin purchased also because waterfront properties in Maine are never in large enough supply. The selection is limited and the demand is Jedi force strong within people who desperately need recreational water. It was a good investment and for possible rental use being very careful on when and to who Maine vacations next door. I have been spoiled by no one using the little red camp which can give you a false sense of don’t need to own it. Nothing like a bad neighbor to spoil a Maine lake setting.

little red log lake camp
Wake Up To A Maine Lake. Would That Improve Your Day? Sheltering In Place With High Speed Internet Not So Hard To Take Hunkering Down In Maine.

The lack of use by the family that once owned the entire point of a Maine lake meant the structure was in need of repair and renovation.

So over the winter months, the Maine lake cottage torn apart like the Wizard of Oz scare grow. Re-stuffed and put back together with a lot of thought. Google simple vacation cottage ideas and search the images, videos and blog posts on that topic. I did for inspiration to learn what I did want, what would not happen to shape the new and improved parked next door log structure sharing the Maine waterfront.

rehab of maine lake camp
Rip It Out, Replace It Slowly. Feathering The Nest Of A Maine Lake Property.

Input from my kids because they would be the primary users of the place and should have a say in how the cottage transformed right? Lots of native Maine woodwork added to replace paneling. Pretty much one man running the hammer and power tools kicked the rehab project into a slow but steady gear. Only so much space and maximizing it, improving the layout for simple lakeside living on the Maine waterfront.

Jimmy was glad to be able to work so close to home because he lives on the other side of the same Maine lake in Northern Maine.

He appreciates the Maine lake as much as I do. You see he, his wife Debbie, a golden retriever together plying the water slowly each summer night as another sunset approaches.

It was something different each day for the many projects ahead to keep the routine anything but boring.

There is something extremely satisfying working on the A to Z pretty much by your lonesome. When you see it taking shape, as the momentum with a crow bar and finish nails to what replaces whatever is torn out to hauled away to the transfer station. A local plumber, electrician, hardware store clerks too. And plenty of mail order for whatever you can not buy in a small Maine town combined for the finished product..

This little Maine log lake cottage is now the home away from home.

Ready to go online. To create a reprieve for one daughter, her husband too and the proud parents of a new born son. To create a pod in Maine where only another brother, his wife and their eighteen month old daughter are in the COVID19 free circle of life. Internet with 25 meg broadband speed is connected to the little red log lake camp way up north in Maine. That is the connection to the outside World, the same one used to telecommute online to work daily for the son in law who lives in Bean Town. He can make the leap only because of Internet connectivity to this remote rural outpost. Working from home, educating kids from your house not at public or private school facilities. Blogging about Maine all needs a strong Internet connection that does not go flat or missing.

maine lake waterfront sign
What One Waterfront Property Owner Has On One Maine Real Estate Listing Sold From The Past.

The Maine town I live in is lucky too.

Because every single household within the community borders has access to Internet fiber for blazing 100 megs broadband connection speed. The Internet company is based in my home town, not far away. The local electrical provider that powers the same little red camp is community owned, not for profit. If it makes money, the funds are used to further improve the grid lines or the rate the consumer pays is lowered.

I see my little Maine town growing and connected to the outside World for commerce and enterprise. But offering the home grown local community flavor of friendly small town living. With COVID19, everything back six feet or more and observed wearing a mask. In my job, disposable gloves, booties to complete the mask ensemble for safety sake are standard garb for everyone’s protection.

land in maine on a lake
Land In Maine On The Waterfront. That’s Ambrosia, The Eye Candy Of The Gods.

Single line please, limited entry and please, no one tough anything in the home or apartment unit being toured these days in Maine real estate.

Or better yet, one on one face-time or using the whats app phone firmware to take the personal self guided tour to follow up on the real estate video already uploaded and being watched around the clock by more than the local buyers.

So blogging in Maine, why local residents who live her need to do it. Because the trek north up into Maine is a long one taking hours of time when travel is restricted and not so easy. The days of just hopping into whatever you drive or clopping down the airport plane gate connector to locate your seat number are stalled. The search online is critical and the local Maine blogger is the signal being tapped into and trusted for information. The media sources in a small Maine town were already pretty slim pickings. All due to the small populations tapped to support the news and entertainment outlets. Blogging on Maine can be like pot luck. Not sure of what you are gonna get and it is a lot like feast or famine.

maine farm horses
Hanging Around, The Livestock, Horses, Wildlife Too Happier Like The People Lucky Enough To Live In Maine.

What’s it like living where you do in Maine?

Show me images, upload videos of the local community events, create Maine blog posts please. Anything Maine. When something is missing where you live now, the itch to pull up stakes and relocate only grows stronger. People all over the World are considering am I where I need to be for my family ‘s sake? Is there a change underway that means don’t get too comfortable and a move to Maine, somewhere else is in the cards? Blogging on Maine, I do that because it’s hard to contain the excitement of being blessed to live here. I know it is not like this many other places.

Is there something missing in your life?

That is what usually is pushing the move to Maine. The pleasure on a past vacation fuels the fondness for Maine too. The slogan is Maine, the way life should be. That is the greatest motivation to consider Maine for a simple vacation getaway or with COVID19 much more happens. To propel the delicious dream of moving to Maine. Many smart forward thinking small Maine towns are retooling with gusto. The same vigor as the planet hunts down a virus reversal vaccine. Because it is the key to survival. Internet connectivity is the life line to avoid loss of the small Maine town lifestyle.

nudist skinny dipping in maine
Nudists, Skinny Dipping In Maine. Ever Snipe Hunted Or Used A Dip Net At Night Smelting On A Maine Lake?

America, the World in general is rethinking where is the best place to live for the highest quality of life.

Examining what exactly at this stage of your life makes what area the best stage for obtaining the most of what is really important in life.

So back to searching for the final touches to complete the feathering of the nest. Put together one of the two twin beds in the spare bedroom Sunday afternoon. In the off hours when you have a job that is a jealous master for your time because you work when others don’t and are available, it’s search for ideas. To find out solutions to the lake camp needs to make it a home away from home for whatever family member needs a safe haven. A roof over their head in Maine. I have two weeks to wrap up the finishing touches before the grandson and his support duo arrive to quarantine in place.

home made maine pies
Small Pleasures Are the Big Reward. Anything Home Made, That’s Simple Living In Maine To Sample And Enjoy.

Blogging about simple living in Maine is important to anyone out there searching for current, accurate, helpful information.

What’s it like living in small town Maine? The questions are answered best by someone who lives and is invested in the small Maine community. Not a giant news gathering operation in a major market many hours away. Who has other topics to cover like high crime, friction caused from too many people in too small a high cost living space.

What’s important to a small Maine community is very different than what you get fed by journalists in large urban markets too.

Heck, even in Maine that has only a handful of cities, what is broadcast from Portland, Lewiston-Auburn, Bangor-Brewer is not always representative out in sticks. You can get a county or state perspective or a slant on the tie in for a national news story as it trends. But what about the local happenings in a small Maine town. Blogging on Maine topics is what this post platform tries to do with not just words but imagery, video embeds.

flower pots in maine
A Maine Flower Pot. Not Always Red Orange, A Small, Conventional Container. Use What You Have For Win Win Maine Unique.

These days, more people want to be rural if they have the Internet tether for income and the security connection. For the peace and quiet and simpler living. Maine is natural beauty, not crowded, less fighting over which direction to take. Small groups can reach a consensus quicker and start the steps today to implement what is needed to survival and quality of life.

Grass roots and home grown also makes a person feel like empowered living in small town Maine.

Like they are a cog in the wheel and vitally needed. Like being loved, everyone wants to feel needed. You are in a small Maine town that only has so many people to tackle the problems collectively.

A steady journal of daily or weekly happenings tapping into the blogging channel. Maine bloggers are the story tellers, the ambassadors to their local area where the hunt and peck original posts put their communities on the map. Posting images of Maine beauty to prove the point and to remind themselves. Proud of where we live, concerned about the national events in our country. Glad to live where it is less frustrating because we all are not passively watching but actively doing. Blog posts on Maine simple living tell the story from where it happens.

maine moose
Can I Have A Little Privacy Please? I’m Bathing!

The small Maine communities are a tight knit fabric of people.

Hands on to pitch in along the front lines. No one takes a back seat, it’s all hands on deck because the entire village has a role in what happens there. We’re not spectators and whine or complain but do nothing. In small Maine towns, each and everyone of the population is empowered to make a difference.

wildlife entertain on maine lake
Our Waterfront Friends Entertain For Free. The Kids Part Of The Family Act Out Front Of A Maine Waterfront Property.

Small Maine towns are places where folks wave, make eye contact, worry about elderly shut ins.

We are protective. The small spread out population is invested in what happens in the area. When a community loses a member, you think about family a lot. We are so inter-connected living and working together in small Maine town activities. Blogging on Maine means some of that day to day spills into the Me In Maine channel. That’s the stuff mainstream media on the national level does not cover.

You know the people who live around you and in many instances are somehow related in Maine.

Or worked together on a school board project, a local church event or coached little league, some other team sport together on the same bench. Pitch in and get behind whatever is needed and be prepared you are going to have the volunteer job for life. Blogging on Maine. I blog about what it is like living in Maine. Why I love living here in Maine.

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