Weather in Maine, anywhere in Vacationland. When the topic comes up it is a more often than not a discussion involving snow flakes. How cold does it get? How much white stuff do you fellas collect in winter up there is Maine? Are the roads plowed? Do you hibernate? Are there igloos and dog sleds or polar bears involved living in Maine over the winter months?

Wells Beach Maine, The Scenery On A Hot Summer Day In The Sand.

For starters, Maine has many distinct regions and the weather in each varies too. It’s a big tall drink of water state. “The County” is the crown of Maine.

The largest of Maine’s sixteen counties, Aroostook alone has fourteen thousand miles of trails to explore any time of year. With or without a blanket of white snow, it is one special top shelf corner of the state to discover.

Weather in Maine is never an issue because we have lots of experience with all kinds of it. You just adapt the wardrobe to fit the temperatures you have to work with for the outdoor fun. Or when it means bundle up or strip down. For working outdoors, the show must go on. It does quite nicely no matter how high or low in the tube the red juice sits in the glass tube .

Where I Spend Summers In Maine At Drews Lake. One Sunrise Scene This Week.

You dial in the local forecast to work around the weather patterns overhead on those rec trails you wish to explore. Or for the chore list ahead of you on any given day no matter what the thermometer reads.

What you use to explore and enjoy Maine pure natural outdoors depends on the season. Hoof it and hike. Climb on a bike. Grab poles to cross country or down hill ski. Or gas up and here we go on snow sleds, ATV four wheelers. Climb in a raft for high water river action.

Or fire up the old jeep for those back wood trails. All approached easy does it whoa slow. Have a plan Stan. With a tread lightly attitude approach. Remember, the use of private land owners property in Maine any season is always a privilege, not a right. Show respect for the wildlife, the land owner, the crops or trees growing on the acreage.

Maine Summer Wild Flowers Arranged By Mother Nature.

But how hot does it get, how high do temperatures rise in Maine?

Winter weather and lots of myths have been circulating for years. The temps can average around 22 degrees that part of the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. But what is your weather in Maine like in spring, summer, winter? The chatter about that usually takes a back seat to winter windchill and snow accumulations for anyone who has never lived here.

But for the record a comfortable 70 degrees is your summer average… the same reading most folks set the thermostat on or lower for inside living.

Sometimes Purple Aroostook County Potato Blossoms. Not Always White Ones With Golden Centers.

Along the coast of Maine the weather patterns and winds, temperatures and moisture in the air is different. Than up in Aroostook or say over in Franklin County or in the Highland rugged terrain regions are not the same.

The breeze does not blow the same. The moisture in the air is varied. So when you try to broad brush anything in Maine, she is too big to try and apply the same response to the weather question.

Downeast Maine would get more of a dampness in the air than say further inland where there is less water weather influences.

(White fluffy full of air snow instead of heavier water logged slushy snow can be the extremes that happen in Maine for winter weather precipitation.) It dries out winter, spring, summer or fall moisture wise the further inland you head up into Maine.

There is more to Maine than dipping your toe in Kittery at a visit to an outlet retail trading post just off an I-95 exit location.

The breeze of the York and Wells Beach regions is different than the one blowing in the mountains or during haying on a Maine farm deeper into the interior. The heart of Maine is not the Southern tip that is handy to Boston.

Your weather exposure on a Maine lobster boat bobbing off shore and hoisting fish traps is not the same surroundings you experience cultivating and hoeing on a Maine farm tractor. Or cutting, conditioning and bailing hay or harvesting berries, potatoes, grains, whatever is raised from the fertile farm soil.

Maine Has So Many Lakes To Float Your Boat And Enjoy! Public Boat Launches All Over The Place And No Lines, No Fees. Welcome To Vacationland, Maine!

All I know is in general, Mainers adapt to the weather and life with a positive attitude.

Make the most of what we have and be grateful. Taking it all in stride. But I can not tell a lie. High heat of summer can make you feel dog tired, wet with sweat and light headed. It affects sleep, your mood can dip because being as productive as possible is hard. It is like Superman knows there is a chunk of Kryponite hidden around here somewhere. Check the lunch box or under the couch cushions or what’s buried in the back yard.

The summer heat makes you less industrious and we are used to apply liberally the work ethic lotion. Lather it on and no one wants the label lazy because they are not. That drive and dedication is what made the state famous. We don’t complain about the heat, and try to fight the myths, the negative talk about winter weather conditions too. Mainers try their best to not complain and count their blessings.

How hot does it get in Maine?

As I hunt and peck this blog post where I am in Northern Maine it is 82 degrees, the wind is 5 miles per hour and the humidity is 63 percent. It is hot for Maine standards and that’s where our Maine crystal clear clean cool lakes come into play.

Soak the body, swim with the fish. Climb in a kayak and drift, paddle slowly and watch the sunset, the loons, other boaters on a Maine lake the plan for tonight for me. Booking a white water river rafting trip on the Kennebec, Dead or Penobscot River sounds like a good way to cool off to me.

Maine Has A Lot Of Water. Some Salted.

Hot else do we handle the heat? Heading to the Maine lake, by visiting those ice cream dairy bars. Taking a bike ride. Tacking and harnessing the wind in a sail boat. Stripping the clothing and turning on a fan to sleep nights. Cranking up the AC in the car or rolling down those windows. Removing the top completely or cracking opening the sun roof.

Getting up early when it is cooler and capturing those Maine temperatures.

Inviting them in to stay all day long. By opening up all the windows. To bring in the five in the morning AM chill. To trap it inside by closing the windows, quickly getting in and out use of the exterior doors. Shutting the blinds and curtains to make for comfortable living inside to prepare for the hot summer day ahead.

Gonna be a hot one, a scorcher today in Maine Chummy. But the winter wood pile still needs the attention to stay one heating season ahead of the next. To avoid the green sizzling sound of creosote in whatever stove we use to heat the interior of where we live the looming approaching winter.

We only get a handful of over the top muggy weather periods in Maine. We worry about the farm crops and animals out in the heat. Irrigation is not the norm on a farm but the globe is heating up and getting warmer, dustier, dry as a bone in more places.

Land On A River In Maine. It Is Not Just Lakeshore, Oceanfront That Is Attractive. Like This Nearly 60 Acres On The Aroostook River In Oxbow Maine For $32,500!

Long periods of no rain and hot sun don’t help the bottom line on a Maine farm up here in Aroostook County. Lack of water or too much of it can ruin the crop on a Maine agricultural spread for crops or critters. But again, we adapt and do the best we can with what we have for natural resources to stay on that patch of dirt.

Everyone is concerned about how the weather and the temperatures, amount of rainfall all affect the local farmers, the loggers in the woods, the fishermen on the open seas. Weather is a topic of discussion year round in Maine.

Last winter was a heavier snow load, longer one for sure. Great for the skiing and snow sledding vacation destinations. Those paid to manage it plowing and shoveling it during a slower economic time. So no complaints about the muggy hot weather showing up in the local Maine forecast today. Just adjusting to it adds to the major temperature degree swing we enjoy in Maine.

We get a lot of weather in Maine. That’s true and we are not amateurs dealing with it. Just don’t experience a lot of the middle of the road kind weather temperatures. As a rule, true Mainers are pretty heat intolerant or become snow birds to escape it in the winter the older they grow. But we prefer it a little cooler thank you very much. Over the blistering hot please. We are better at the cold than handling the heat.

Hot or cold or in between. It’s all good no matter what the Maine weather.

Because it is not too crowded, all pure and natural scenery surrounding us. The temperature shift makes each of the four seasons much different from the one before and to follow. We do not get one boring weather pattern. Something new happens quickly to change it up to stay on our toes and not doze off.

I’m signing off, heading to the Maine lake to take a dip. To get out, heat up, return to the lake water for another submersion to make for comfortable sleeping toinght.

Thank you for stopping by. Extremely grateful to be lucky enough to live in Maine full time. That I got to visit with the first grandchild, Penolope tonight on the way to the Aroostook County waterfront seasonal home!

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