Maine is pretty sparsely populated.

You and I have not debate nor need to split hairs on that statement. But within the stretches of remote wilderness, some areas stand out more than others. Usually waterways were the first prerequisite of any early settlement in Maine or anywhere. If there had not been the Allagash River, probably the plantation with the same name may not have gotten off the ground. Or earned a dot on the Maine Vacationland map.

Allagash ME, Vacationland’s Largest Township Land Mass. Almost 3 Acres Of The 42 Is A Famous Stretch Of Water.

Allagash, the community itself is a collection of Scotch-Irish DNA.

Located at the end of Route 161 and the French Acadian Saint John River Valley, this corner of Maine has a pretty unique history. The Saint John River is what brought settlers to the Allagash’s wild timberland regions up here in the upper regions of the Crown of Maine. The population of Allagash Maine is 220 souls.

But the land mass that is dubbed Allagash is 42 square miles.

Whoa. Way way larger than the 6 by 6 miles that the bulk of Northern Maine townships that show up as on the systematic square rows of township this, range that tout for their size. Allagash Maine is the largest land mass of any town in Maine. (Almost 3 square miles of Allagash is water.) Famous water called the Allagash Wilderness Waterway that is over 92 miles long and comprised of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in the North Maine Woods. Canoeing, fishing, hunting, camping in the Allagash River Wilderness Waterway is on the bucket list of anyone with affection for the state of Maine. Images, pictures of Allagash Maine.

First organized in 1885, the town of Allagash was not incorporated until 1966.

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Take Your Time! Welcome.. We Really Mean It In Maine. Come On Up… Way Way Up And See It All.

Slim fast is happening. Sadly the town has about fifty percent of the population now that it did in the 1970’s. The Allagash Maine large land mass is T16 R10, T16 R11, T17 R10 and T17 R11. More on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and a detailed map to show the regions: that explains the size of canoes and kayaks, other regulations of this protected natural resource to abide by when you are paddling down this wilderness liquid highway.

Henry David Thoreau visited the Allagash waterway in 1857 with the help of a pair of Penobscot native American guides. The most publicized section of the Allagash wilderness waterway is Chase Rapids located just downstream from Churchill Dam which is classified a class II rapid. Don’t expect wall to wall cell phone coverage and plan that it will be spotty.

Make sure to pack a first aid kit on your up to 92 mile trip. And as you plan your Maine vacation adventure on the river, be sure to build in extra days for a buffer. To absorb unexpected weather that may keep you off the water.

Guide services for hunting, fishing and the river adventure are the mainstays for the micro local economy in Allagash.

The town office has a lot of uses to be the most efficient and because there are not any other options to house them. Route 161 literally makes this the end of the line in Maine. There is a Maine beer named Allagash too. They employ around 130 workers and are growing like a lot of Maine based breweries. They are filling bottles with a variety of secret brew recipes in the Portland area, not in Aroostook County. Yet. (Smile).

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is one of the premiere canoe trips in the Eastern United States.

There is no argument fro anyone on that statement. Watch, listen to some Allagash River videos.  Get in touch with nature. Be outdoors in Maine and not limited to the space that four walls provides for a prison. Paddle a pristine series of interesting water components that you may or may not have been aware of up until now. You will not be bored; there is variety and something new every trip down the waterway because the season may be different, the weather not the exact same or the wildlife you see will vary. You are not the same either as you plan, paddle, reflect and connect with unspoiled nature.

Often the images of large Lombard steam log hauler timber locomotives are what many recall as the  huge idle dinosaurs left still standing out in your journey down the connection of waterways. A rusting reminder of the not silent buzz of lumbering activity that the Allagash area of Maine was back in the days of large cross saws two man metal saws. Long before chains saws motor driven saws were reached for to use before hollering “Timberrrrrr”.

Between 1900 and 1917, 83 of the steam powered locomotives were welded and brazed and bolted together in a Waterville Maine plant. Sadly, only 3 of these iron horses designed only for logging not passengers or assorted freight are still alive and running today. Watch number 74 of the Lombards hauling logs and in action. As it does what it was made to do years ago in the woods when it jumped the iron rails to hit the twitch trails plying the vast timber tracts in Maine.

Forget the paddles and life jackets and black fly repellent? No sweat. Put on your mittens or gloves, slide on a full coverage helmet and gas up. Hang on. Take the groomed trail trip by snowmobile. Two impressive train locomotives still rest off the shores of Eagle Lake in Piscataquis County in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

Your journey by canoe, kayak or maybe snow sled, hiking and hoofing it  will be memorable. But be prepared to assure you have a safe and enjoyable trip to the Allagash.

The Little Black River joins the St John in Allagash. The St John is the dividing line between Canada and Maine for most of the crown called Vacationland. Waterfalls, a series of lakes, places where at certain times of the year portaging around what’s up around the next corner could be prudent.

The smallness of the Allagash community like most low number towns and plantation settlements brings those that do live there closer. When a birth or death happens it is a big deal. There is hope or a deep loss and both are felt by the locals in different but powerful ways. Small towns or villages or settlements are pockets of intimacy and creative industry. Glowing brightly when the circle of life calling the small Maine community home is small, tight and depend on each other. Is that the take away where you live now? “Maine, the way life should be “is more than a catchy state motto. Come see for yourself and sample some pure Maine.

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