Sometimes you have it made but can lose track of just the why part when you live in Maine.

It is easy to take for granted what we have so much of when it is not this way many other places on Earth. What makes you tick and whatever you need is found in the nature of Maine. Places in the outdoor spaces. Maine is unspoiled, under populated and 100 percent fresh and natural. We go into nature in Maine for outdoor recreation, to preserve traditions, for food and wood to burn, for answers. For beauty not found many places just too over developed.

Maine Lighthouses Are Neat In Winter Magic.
Everything Changes In A Blink Of The Eye. Like The Seasons. Small Maine Towns Pull Together To Get Through The Good, Sad Times. Life Happens Outdoors In The Fresh Air To Clear Your Head, Calm Your Heart.

Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy. Isaac Newton

Nature is cheaper than therapy. Unknown

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mountains are calling and I must go. And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul. John Muir

I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are. Unknown

Go where you feel most alive. Unknown

But ask some Mainers about bragging up what we have to offer and they can clam up.

maine baby loons
Where’s My Mom? Baby Loon Wonders To Himself.

Thinking because there is not one giant tourist attraction like the place where the two mice wearing the white gloves and all their friends hang out, then somehow we are lacking. Living in Maine is plenty exciting but not in a man made way.

The best parts of Maine are the people, the experiences, the fresh air and clean water settings. Maybe the not realizing how lucky we are with all this outdoors is because a teacher or parent taught the child that there is nothing here that they felt is important. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Gratitude is riches, criticism is poverty.

When you walk outside during a winter starry night you get zapped with a sense of peace and space. The World does stop spinning and your focus improves. The trillions of stars overhead force you to realize how lucky you are, how not to take yourself too personally.
Kayaking a Maine lake or stream does the same unplug and recharge inside blow you away sensation.

Have you ever looked out with a thousand yard stare after a climb to the top of Mt Katahdin or standing on a pair of boards on a mountain top in Maine? Sea kayaking paddling out to an off shore lighthouse or reaching down to sample fresh blueberries along a craggy trail?

maine lake loon with fish
Come And Get It. Fish For Free Are Fresh In A Maine Lake. Adult Loons Are Excellent Anglers To Feed Their Young!

You suddenly realize this is where you find all you need, everything that is important in life to you and your family.

You and I, wildlife need wide open space.

Not a few acres set aside for millions of people like a Central Park. Not in a roomy museum hideaway in a city setting. To get the long lasting feeling of peace in nature, you need to be deep into what Maine does so well. And one week’s vacation is not a high enough RX dosage for what ails you. Or to stay centered and balanced. At peace and contented even keeled.

But being parked away from the hustle bustle can make someone who lives in Maine feel they could be missing something pretty exciting in the bright lights, big city. So take a trip, sample the city treasures and then retreat back to Maine.

maine lake loon baby
Fish For Young Lake Loon. Mom Knows How To Angle For Them Best. Until Junior Learns The Ropes For Catching His Fish Dinner!

For many that trek “uptah camp in Maine” is the safety net, how they keep going and stay sane. Jammed in a space like a submarine for too long in a city setting can drive a person crazy. And easily slip into the notion that this condition is the norm for everyone in the land.

In Maine you have sixteen counties and most of them are split into three, four or more regions.

No two areas are quite the same carbon copy and every small Maine community, the handful of cities too are unique.

It’s a new year and what are your plans that involve a Maine backdrop setting for you ahead? Maine, commune with nature, go deep in

maine snow sledders up north
Heading North, Hitting The ITS Trails In Maine.

the woods, take in the waterfront options and enjoy our farm to table home grown experience as often as you can. Adopt your own small Maine town for reasons only you can explain and keep returning to these venues to stay current, to feel healthy and worthwhile. It is all about quality of life. I think the secret is being outdoors in Maine. Any chance you can slip outside back to nature in Maine.

Here to offer my two cents living in Maine full time.

To provide insider local tips to make your trip to Maine experience more memorable. Ask any local and feel the friendly suggestions flowing your way on the lay of the land in Maine. Maybe you have forgotten since you were a kid how much fun getting outdoors to play really is. Come visit the areas carved out of the woods by lumberjacks, by farmers creating agricultural homesteads, by rock bound coastal fishermen. Sample a local brew, some of the local cuisine and listen to the music, hear about the small Maine town history.

maine snow sign
Snow Is Not An Evil Four Letter Word. Not In Maine.

By hooking on the fresh Maine air oxygen mask.

We’ll fix that amnesia problem of what a kid knows how to do and that adults can forget being way way too serious when life loses its fun and games approach. Don’t let the imagination go stale or completely dark from lack of use.

Like a horse stuck inside for the winter and not turned out. Slow down on the rich clover and fresh grass. Easy does it as you turn on the natural gas. No hurry. Breathe long and deep with a long hit of Maine fresh air.

Take your time, you’re not on the clock and there is no test afterwards. No two exact same methods to get that peaceful easy feeling in Maine’s outdoors no matter what one of the four seasons the calendar displays.

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