What’s it like living in Maine?

It’s pure and natural and four season beautiful. But somethings are the same no matter where you hang your hat. Minding my own business and the phone in Maine rings. We get those interruptions too. Ever get a call where someone promises you this phone interview should not take long? They act like you are getting an important call you expected. Just a few simple questions and you are free to go. The whoever think tank public opinion pollster they work for on the other end on the signal is never sufficiently identified.

Because both sides of the hurried conversation just want to get it over with quickly.

You because you had other task plans that were interrupted by taking the phone call. The voice from the other end because maybe they get compensated the higher the number per completed interview. And extra points heaped on like the ice cream cherry on top. If they can sway and skew the results in the direction of whoever is funding this rate the following one to five or chose from the following two sides of the coin positions on some trending hot topic.

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Working Together, Making Maine Great. It Takes Accurate Information About What’s It Like In Maine To Attract People To Move, Relocate Here.

You know the drill when the telephone is ringing and gotcha, you picked up.

Now what? When neither question options to select from really completely nails it on how do you really feel on this, this and one more question choice. You wonder where are they going with this line of questions? Who wants to know and how are they going to use the poll results?

The interview when it goes on too long can become a had enough situation.

Just get through the questions and you’re not even sure what they are asking after the slur of words as patience wears thin. How much longer? My life is on hold and I’m wasting daylight. That’s the way anyone living or growing up on a Maine farm reacts to costly delays when chores are waiting. Because the simple couple of questions in the poll is not the case. Too many parts to the all important poll questions that just keep coming your way. Had an interviewer doing the poll say “now we move into the part of the survey where we ask you blah blah…” ?

I thought we WERE close to the end and it was going to be like you tell the kids “quick like a bunny”.  Whew, I’m off the hook soon. Trying to help the telemarketer pollster. But realizing with a bad taste developing in my mouth. That there is a pattern to the what is being asked and how it is being phrased in the progression of need your opinion inquiries.

The questions try to build a case for some kind of public opinion poll result position for whoever funded this exercise.

You are the witness being groomed for a case by your yea or nay response. Or could be cast away and deemed as not so fun, not so useful on the hunt to find those who are. I guess if 80 to 90 percent of respondents feel a certain way, that influences where you throw your support?

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Small Maine Towns Where People Are Closely Knit, Often Times Related.

Mainers are pretty practical independent thinkers. When the end is near and you can smell freedom to get on with your life the answer box checker individual asks would you mind if a reporter calls you? Somehow your answers make you a good candidate for a talking head holding a mic with the bright light to saddle up beside you. For collecting a staged, distilled thought provoking little video clip and a catchy sound bite. Because you and I seem to trust the man on the street a little more than the wisdom of the one in the elected office.

Nothing can rub a true Mainer harder the wrong way either than some of the blog posts or media interviews that try to size up the state based on a very narrow viewpoint.

One that does not represent how those who live here really feel about the Maine experience. What is it like living in Maine. The power of the pen authority you don’t know from Adan applies their own template of good, bad, ugly Maine rating as they try to size up the biggest New England state. From what they find important that it is assumed every other reader agrees with who lives here. Or assuming the reaction they would have by this tour guide trying to save everyone a little heart ache.

But the images used in the post that they not take. Because never been here or it was a whirlwind trip for a few hours, parts of a day or weekend that does not help you size up the what do you think about Maine. The copy is a quick cut and dry that sounds a lot like the shortcomings in other rural state locations they also have a strong opinion on and are not timid about sharing it.

The size it up based on not very much real information from local experiences and lacking interviews with people from Maine that could share valuable insight. Instead, judging the area from a few comment trails in a forum. Filling in with what they don’t know by broad brushing the state of Maine is an overly critical spot light like they were a life long resident.

And they miss the mark about summing up what Maine is like horribly.

But those hunt and pecked electrons hit and run damaging pieces sure do make the rounds on blog posts circuit that continue to come up in search results as gospel.

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Outdoor Jaunts On Foot, In A Wagon Or Sleigh Depending On The Season. Mainers Are Outdoors All Four Seasons Touring The Gorgeous Unspoiled Countryside.

Beat the drum louder, longer and remind the reader in search of where to move, where to vacation, anything Maine to make sure your authority is in the Pine Tree state and actually lives here. So they know what they are talking about from first hand grass roots experience. not repeating a myth and acting like an authority when they don’t have much boots on the ground. The landscape changes and gets reinvented so historical perspective helps the explanations you read about when someone is looking for the lay of the land first hand information to base their opinion on Maine.

What’s it like living in Maine and can we hear from those in the Vacationland region in the answers?

What is really important, what matters most for everyone does not come up with the same pat answers. Responses to FAQ about Maine. That shows someone has filled you with a lot of bull or you just need more accurate information to base your decision to move to Maine, to vacation here. Come see for yourself, do your own thinking, draw your own conclusions on Maine.

Points to remember about living here in Maine….

It’s more than quaint sea salt air and rock bound coastal harbor towns with a collection of lighthouses. Maine offers more than a moose sighting and a lobster roll and that concludes the check list of what you come for and then quickly leave. Back over the big arched green iron bridge on the southern end connecting it to the rest of New England and points unknown. Maine is rolling farms, virgin wood forests, wildlife of all types. It is hardworking families, mom and pop small businesses, Maine is small town grateful people. Maine is unspoiled and not over commercialized, the fourth lowest crime state. You don’t experience traffic or waiting around in Maine living. It is low cost real estate, uncomplicated simple living and more hands on DIY. Neighbors helping each other.

Keep your card in your wallet and save the yearly membership dues for roadside assistance. You won’t need triple A to jump start your dead car battery. Just put up the hood and watch five people put on the four way flashers and join forces to give you a hand. To stay with you until a solution to the problem is figured out like you have known them for years. You can trust the down to Earth Mainer who is upbeat and positive and who shy away from whining, complaint or snarky. Because you are wasting daylight, you are not squeezing out of life what is most important that you kid’s pick up and apply to their outlook to pass on to their young ones. What’s it like living in Maine?

Help others and add your talents to make things better than they were.

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Meet Your Neighbor In Maine. Shy, Quiet, Usually Four Legged.

Mainers contribute, make themselves useful and don’t feel entitled, are anything but lazy. You will be rescued if ever stranded on the highways of Maine. You too will help others broke down to figure out solutions so they don’t stay that way. Small Maine towns are like that.

We don’t rely so heavily on money to fuel the experience. Mainers are more into using their imaginations, snow shoeing across the white blanketed farm field or through a woods trail. We have it all from clean air, fresh water, a sky loaded with stars overhead and no light pollution.

You will like all pure natural Maine for what she does offer and the even longer list of what you don’t enjoy where you live now in an urban setting. The best of both worlds is to live in small town Maine but plan a trip to a population center to sample and return to simple low cost living for the bulk of your day to day lifestyle pursuits.

The Internet lets folks roam freely and telecommute remotely to online jobs that once kept them limited and tethered to an expensive city locations.

Whether starting a family, retiring after a long career, opening up a business enterprise or just on vacation, you could not do better than Maine. The Canadian provincial connection just adds to the sizzle for a truly International bonus “two nation vacation”.

What’s it like living in Maine?

When you read up on Maine, go deeper than the only been to Portland ME or other coastal town contributors. Or avoid those who have never set foot in Maine nor have any personal experiences to draw from to make it an accurate representation of this great state with all the space, where you can entertain yourself so completely without using a credit card for the artificial retail therapy temporary fix. Here are some community videos of Maine to add to the homework assignment as you glean and surf the net.

Maine is not wall to wall people on top of each other fighting to get you out of their face and space.

Has the nearest city to where you live now outside of the state of Maine started the sprawl in your direction? Is your small town changing in how it used to be back when you enjoyed the community? Maybe it is time to consider where and when you are going to have to face the facts. To relocate to Maine, the way life should be. How much information on Maine do you have and where do you get it? This blog on what’s it like living in Maine tries to shed some light on the topic from a local that grew up here and loves the state!

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