Hear the live music? Outdoor anything in Maine is memorable because fresh air, sunshine and blue skies are the perfect backdrop.

And the wide open space coupled with friendly people creates the setting for a fun experience in Vacationland. The American Folk Festival held on the Penobscot River Waterfront is one event that started off with a bang and just improves season after season. Several stages to make it a buffet for the two ears on the side of your head. Watch a video for highlights of this years American Folk Festival in Bangor Maine.

[youtube RwhuHbMdM6c]

Planning through out the calendar twelve months means the American Folk Festival is always evolving for the next installment in Bangor Maine. Which acts to book, what vendors for food and home made arts and crafts takes a lot of logistics. To create the right mix that tickles all the senses.

American Folk Festival Live Stage Performances! Did You Attend The Folk Festival This Past Weekend In Bangor ME!

I am still thinking of the build a burrito, listening to the blues in my head, enjoying the talks with Maine craft vendors.

Under a moonlit sky on the waterfront feeling a warm breeze shared with my best frien. As we sat on a grassy side hill looking down upon the big stages of performer after performing artist bands! The American Folk Festival is one major bright spot in the on going outdoor live music events to enjoy and to consider volunteering to help make it run smoothly. More images from the Bangor area American Folk Festival.

Thank you to volunteers who have to be tough skinned to keep up the grueling pace as crunch time approaches for another festival in Maine. Who take often more criticism than praise but that’s okay and not why they do it. Maine is hard working individuals in all they do and the local pride shines brightly at whatever event you attend.

Looking for more indoor, outdoor music venues in Maine?

Maine has so much talent from through out the state but helping to spread the word on what is happening means we all need to share the news. Festivals around a local community celebration are extra special. And make it more than just a musical performance to take in. Add the local food favorites and meeting the community artisans just adds to the take away from the mix. We all know lots of people on our gift list that need nothing or very little. Makes it hard to be creative until you start sampling the wares at a slew of local vendors of arts and crafts. Some claim to improve your health and the conversation alone is good medicine for the soul.

american folk festival
American Folk Festival In Bangor Maine! No Way It Could Be Kept Free Without The Local Volunteers, Local Sponsors Helping Underwrite The Performances On Stage!

Don’t pick them up the same Wally World or hurriedly order mail order same old same old this year.

Check out the local craft vendors for that one of a kind special gift that they don’t have. That will make them smile because they know you care.

Something to do for fun where many in a small Maine community pitch in and work together to pull it off year after year. It is a lot more fun working an event than just paying for your ticket, showing up with your folding chairs to hit and run done.

Get more involved, receive more out of the event by traveling behind the tent flap into the inner workings of a small Maine community event. Your talents are needed and the people who live in the small rural towns and our handful of cities in Maine are the event. Not the streets, empty buildings along Main Street. Be part of the excitement, the

american folk festival bangor me
Welcome To Bangor ME! Home Of The American Folk Festival On The Penobscot River Waterfront!

celebration and local home grown amusement!

Fiddling around. Don’t think summer festivals are over yet. Get outdoors, stay outdoors in Maine!

Check out the County Bluegrass Music Festival this weekend in Northern Maine as one more example of how the performances happen around the clock in the Pine Tree State.

And don’t forget the Springfield Fair happening this weekend too. The 168th Springfield Fair is September 1st and 2nd and is one of the longest running continuous fairs in the country. Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts faithful reader.

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