Under your own power, not twisting a throttle or pushing a foot feed on one of Maine’s many lakes.

That’s the best way to see, hear, smell, feel Maine under your own speed with self provided paddling power. Keep the motor boat, the jet ski, the pontoon party vessel lashed to its mooring post. And slide on a life jacket, grab a two sided paddle to dip and push in alternating motion. To play a Maine lake.

maine lake kayaks photo
Lake Kayaks, Cover The Shoreline Of An Entire Maine Lake Easily! See The Islands, Discover The Many Interesting Coves!

Hop in, push off, see how much easier a kayak is to cover the surface of a Maine lake than the paddle boat where you work your guts out.

To end up not getting very far from out front a Maine waterfront property. Maybe you want the kids to stay handy and if so, promote the paddle boat option. But when you make time to explore the perimeter of a Maine lake, all the interesting coves, islands and the wildlife, it is a habit you will repeat through out your life.

The lake loons, their babies sharing the Maine lake.

The jumping fish that sea gulls and other hungry birds of prey circle over head looking for a chance to dive and grab. Without a loud motor, you can talk with your mate too. Exchanging what each is seeing as you study the shoreline, the other kayaks or water fowl you come up on as you paddle slowly.

maine lake loon baby
Fish For Young Lake Loon. Mom Knows How To Angle For Them Best. Until Junior Learns The Ropes For Catching His Fish Dinner!

Like riding a bike, you can coast with a kayak with little effort paddling and you glide and coast. The sea kayaks are bigger, longer, heavier. And with two holes for a co-pilot to paddle too, you often need a set of dolly wheels to center the craft that takes two to launch and remove from the Maine ocean front.

Paddling out to a close Maine lighthouse on a calm sea day is a sure way to capture some great images. And to work up an appetite for Maine local home grown food. To sample whatever is in season from the garden, the deep sea or farm field.

You are in another’s home when out on the water in your kayak that glides in close.

maine baby loons
Where’s My Mom? Baby Loon Wonders To Himself.

The fish swimming beneath you jump. You see little minnows hanging out of a mother loon’s mouth that she is taking

maine lake loon with fish
Come And Get It. Fish For Free Are Fresh In A Maine Lake. Adult Loons Are Excellent Anglers To Feed Their Young!

back for junior to sample. The young loons no where near as pretty or decked out as the mature adult loon. Or the full grown duck that paddle by in one direction as you head in another. Bald eagles, hawks, herons, otters, beavers. You see them all, even hitch hiking dragon flies that flit and bask in the sun just like you.

Do you own a kayak?

maine lake kayak dragon fly
Like A Parked Helicopter, A Dragon Fly Sets Down, Parks It. As You Keep Paddling Around A Maine Lake In Your Kayak.

The pair of LL Bean Loon 111’s are a neat pair to invest in. Some of the kayaks are completely open, others have a oval cockpit hole with comfortable seat and foot pegs. To push down as you dig in to move the water backwards as your kayak propels forward. Pack a lunch, bring some sunscreen, don’t forget your camera.

See how easy two or three hours can burn by as you relax, bob, drift on a Maine lake. The exercise is easy, the scenery so interesting you forget you are paddling. Especially as you get close to wildlife without disturbing them.

Kayaking makes you think about the watershed, how man helps or hurts the waterfront.

Wave to other happy campers on shore or out on the waterfront with the same idea you had on a sunny summer day in Maine. Fishing, sight seeing, pulling a tube or some loved on on a set or single water ski. See the lake slowly and under

maine lake camping tent fire
Young Boys Camp Out, Tent On A Less Populated Part Of A Maine Lake.

your own steam in your trusty kayak.

The travel paced nice and easy or digging in to work up a hunger. As the wind comes up, the travel difficulty cranks up a couple notches. Hopefully not one angry black cloud in the sky to spoil the blue, white and sunshine. Big swanky vacation homes, small quaint colorful camps. You see it all as you study the shoreline. The water level outlined on rocks to show like an engine oil dipstick where the line usually is when a summer is dry and someone turned off the rain.

Hunger improves the taste too remember?

The longer you kayak, the more a snack seems like a good idea. Smell the outdoor fires cooking summer time food on the grill. The pines, lush forest around the lake, the smell of the water itself too that just jacks up the sensation. Along with the rippling water off the back of your kayak, the little spray when the breeze picks up as you paddle around your waterfront paradise in Maine.

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