Ben Franklin had a lot of good ideas for the country.

And back in 1784, daylight savings time was suggested by wise old Ben to save on candle use. What else was behind that suggestion to wind ahead in spring, to fall back in the fall the Seth Thomas, Timex, whatever time device to measure the sands in the hour glass?

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Was political wrangling at hand? Did anyone talk about negative health effects of daylight savings time or realize what they were suggesting that might back fire? Or now that it would run its course and become outdated?

Hawaii and Arizona don’t follow the daylight savings time habit.

And a dozen other states are considering the same non-observance of the 1966’s national law designed to save energy. And when Congress tightened up the habit by making it one more law on the books to follow. Or not.

Regardless if your state does or not mess with where Mickey’s big hand is when daylight savings time causes the take a jump forward or backwards one step. What does the adjustment do to a person? When you roll over and sleep in during the fall back? To peel off an hour in fall that is just beginning where I hunt and peck. How does daylight savings time affect the body?

Some say it daylight savings time messes with your inner workings despite the argument it saves energy, uses more natural lighting.

Reports of more heart attacks, car accidents, work place inattentiveness all pinned on the daylight savings clock monkeying with time.

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You know what happens when you travel and time zones change. Your body does not just pick up the new dance step like snapping your fingers easy. Losing sleep, fooling around with the habits and routine of the average bear never is a good thing. RRRrrrrrrr, pass the honey, honey.

Maybe it is the constant inner reminder when you look to catch the time that it is really an hour later or earlier that a person does inside. The game to say no one is fooling you. The mind talking to the body to explain the leap taken in time but not totally adjusted to it just like that. Done against our will.

Daylight savings time takes adjustment and the age old wondering does it really save you and me any money?

Is daylight savings time worth it or maybe it depends more on where you are on the blue and green revolving marble. The way the tilt of the Earth affects natural lighting in your X marks the spot, “you are here” GPS location.

Feeling groggy when you used to be brighter eyed, bushier tailed. Daylight savings time does not help that even though if you had to pick, falling back in the falls seems more luxurious sleep wise right?

Was daylight savings time more for agriculture reason back in Ben Franklin’s day? Following the plow for farmers does not really depend on sunlight though anymore. Lights got invented, bolted on those iron horses and farming blindly and stumbling around farm fields no longer happens right? Even the Amish use neat LED torches, helmet lightning to see the path ahead.

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Maybe old habits just die hard.

Or fighting the change could be more defiance. Don’t tell me what to do Big Brother, Uncle Sam. Or like a kid would say close to bedtime when sleep deprived from a go go go non stop day of having fun, making mischief.

“You’re not the boss of me” uttered to the parent trying to get the teeth brushed. The PJ’s on for the slide between the sheets, prayers, lights out.

Cue the Sandman. You’re on Pig Pen.

Spread some sleep dust. Or nudge, wink at the Tooth Fairy. If you remembered to fund the “celebrate the missing tooth” under the pillow part home dental operation of your kid’s childhood.

Regardless you adjust to sleepless nights no matter what is causing them. Daylight savings time put into practice twice a year or life’s ups and downs that keep you awake. Until processed completely and put to bed for good. Stay alert, drink better coffee as the daylight savings time works its magic and adjustment happens in Maine where it is still observed.

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