In the 1960’s there were fists raised high, shaking them at the Establishment.

Peace man, lava lights, bell bottoms, free loving the one you’re with, draft card and flag burning. Hell no, we won’t go. And many tie dyed t-shirt and headband lads and lassies needing a bath hopped the border into Canada to avoid the war in Vietnam. Waiting there eh? Until the get out of jail free amnesty card.

hierarchy of needs
Have All You Need In Or Want A No Thank You Helping Of Something Sliced On The Maslow Hierarchy List ?

And after we got our boys and gals home, the migration of back to the land lovers headed to Maine to settle down. To find themselves. To start a new chapter of their lives in Maine.

Read one story of a group of young men from New Jersey who started the Crow Hill Settlement on two grand a piece.

Feeling lied to by the media, not trusting Big Brother to make it all right like your Mom used to be able to do as a young tike. That was part of the getting away to Maine and start over.

But also the attractive of cheap land, friendly accepting people and a population generally fewer in number than these young people we used to made the area conducive for homesteading. For awhile.

Winter weather had a sobering effect on the happy camper attitudes.

Making a living on minimum wage, migrant field work and several low paying part time hit or miss jobs took the luster of moving to Maine too. Without many skills but full of hope, something else and vinegar, some stayed. Dug in and made do. Others defected. Kept rolling like a rock and looking to find something missing.

Whole Earth Catalog
(Sang Way Way Off Key) “Whole Earth In Your Hand… You Have The …. “

Maslow back in 1943 came up with a paper on the hierarchy of needs list. What we need to make us tick best. To tow the line, to keep time and march with the masses.

The owner’s manual to you and me was defined in basic needs terms. With 1954 came a book on self actualization, motivation and personality. The colorful graphic does look a little like the Darker Side of The Moon Pink Floyd album cover. We are like prisms that emit and absorb colors right?

What’s that Donna Fargo song I use to spin on Saturday Night Country Jamboree as a teenager DJ, back when they were live and local. About “You Can’t Be A Beacon If Light Don’t Shine“.

Lots in that spinning vinyl 45 rpm about you can’t expect forgiveness if you don’t practice it, or for someone to be honest and true if you don’t practice what you preach. Amen.

Donna claimed to be “The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA”.

Yes, it is a skippity do da day Funny Face.

Thank you Lord. Wake up sleepy head. The infection of some happy people bothers others most that lack inner joy. That are just not in the same frame of mind. An Eeyore Donna was not. Her rainbow colors were not blue.

Maine Is Outdoors, Wide Open Space.
Hiking, Dining On Food Cooked Outside. Feasting On This Kind Of Maine Scenery. Priceless.

And even Maslow worked with some greats like Einstein, others with clip boards and white doctor’s frocks. That studied the gray matter of the mind, but he did not want to spend his time with his rolled up sleeves and burning the midnight oil on what man has for personality defects.

Not focused on the what’s wrong. But what is needed to be right minded, at peace and contented.

The study of what makes the majority of us happy was the bull’s eye on the target. For helping the 3 out of 4 of us that are not really mentally ill walking around and fending for ourselves in society. Just a little out of alignment from the blur of life and forgetting how to stay centered.

What makes Jane, Thelma Lou and Joey, Jim Bob swim best with themselves and other fish in the community pool.

Human fulfillment, under achievers needed more social interaction, self actualized folks not so much. And happier with yourself spilled over into being more fun and easier to swallow for others to tolerant.

Human needs, physical ones at the bottom of his pyramid to spiritual or transcendental needs like the cherry on the top.

Maine Lighthouse In Winter
See The Light, Maine Is The Source.

You can see if we were in the stone age, the key to survival of shelter, food trumped a sense of belonging to a group. The color code labels fit the contemporary day and age and have been fine tuned to what was uncertain for needs became more of a given.

What’s your hierarchy of needs in life knowing when you have kids, family comes first.

But how do those needs when day to days are freed up from the Johnny Jump Up hanging from the kitchen door used when preparing meat and potatoes?

Maine is, always has been a beautiful state to find yourself in.

Happy, sad, healing, growing. Maine gives you space, she tugs on your heart strings. She is a old friend that understands and her drop dead gorgeous settings put you in the right frame of mind. As you detach, regroup, build again a new set of inner wells you supply and replenish.

Maine Outdoor Living.
Day Is Done In Maine. Fresh Rain, Sunset Sunshine Combine.

Getting what you need and building it from within is easier in Maine because distractions of personal safety, heavy traffic, over regulation and high crime are missing. Freeing you up to concentrate on more of the basic needs Maslow considers and the list he put into the colorful pyramid design.

Maine, hasn’t it been way way too long since you set foot in the Pine Tree State?

Come visit Maine. Land here for day, end up spending a lifetime.

Find our tourist traps you look forward to falling into and all those unpublished in four color high gloss hype places that only the seasoned locals know and share. If you are nice.

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