During an election year, like hail, lots of activity pelts a person off the beaten path even in Maine.

The robo phone calls from Presidential hopefuls as everything gets racheted up approaching the early November elections. But when less voters live in a rural state, to pull the curtain and fill in the spaces, when money is not plentiful to seek out to support candidates, we get more left alone than other places.

Maine Lake Photo
Rich Where It Counts, Maine Is Unspoiled, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

High taxes when it’s low wages and you struggle to make ends meet in a city.

That is a frustrating combination. But even though Maine has it’s share of how to fund the most basic elements of state, county government and local obligations to keep things moving.

You can still get by on less money. Because we live full time in Maine.

And our fun is not coin operated. Not needing continuous slides of the plastic rectangle with the magnetic strip or the new chip to push it in and pull it out. We always keep an eye on the bottom line, to avoid over spending in Maine.

Camping, sleeping under the stars, in a tent or lean too at a state park and grilling food outdoors. One of your best, cheapest entertainment options. And the wildlife, the backdrop of blue, green and other colors in fall, many shades of gray, white, brown and blue in the winter.

In Maine you are aware of the space around you, our place in the World.

There is a connection with the local sparse population and folks need each other, help each other, work to survive and prosper collectively. Our water front is clean, the air is fresh, the scenery uninterrupted and vast.

Maine Kids Play Outdoors
The Imaginations Working Full Time Outdoors, Lungs Full Of Fresh Maine Air.

If you owner finance a piece of land in Maine, start slowly. To use on vacations with the eye toward the big move when the time is right. Up the pike to this thumb sticking out of the national map in the top right hand corner.

You don’t make much, you don’t spend much but you get more in Maine. Because money is removed, the need for status, prestige or the pecking order in a small plantation or little town is not what makes it run.

Bigger, more important items like got to get that roof finished before tomorrow when the weather man predicts cats and dogs for rain coming down. Got to get that hay in, the crops harvested before the temperature drops.

Or splitting, stacking the winter wood a year ahead to be ready for old Man winter.

Canning and preserving food from your garden to stock the shelves in your root cellar. Fixing what breaks, not just buying new to replace it. Taking better care of stuff, respecting others more is part of the transformation if any of this is new to a person not brought up in the country, in Maine or a similar rural area where money is missing.

Maine Is Outdoors, Wide Open Space.
Hiking, Dining On Food Cooked Outside. Feasting On This Kind Of Maine Scenery. Priceless.

Practicing resourcefulness, bartering saves the day in Maine.

So does hanging onto that piece of angle iron or stainless steel bracket. Because necessity is the mother of invention to make the most of what you have to do the best you can with what you already have.

Feeling good about the hands on, tap of creative juices inside. For the swell of the empowerment and “can do” spirit that does its magic from the inside out.

Knowing if it is to be it is up to me. Not blaming anyone else or feeling sorry and having a pity party. Time a wasting, hop to it. Shake a leg, get a move on.

Buck up, stay strong and being grateful, how luck you are to live in a place like Maine.

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