The benchmark when the “wealthy” is not the inside kind measured in sheer gratitude.

But the outside kind that is cold hard cash. Or look at what I have that you don’t that sparkles.

Some figure they have more than enough. Take what they need and leave the rest for others. Feeling blessed that they have more than they deserve.

Maine House Flowers.
Raise Them With Love. Kids, Flowers, Animals In Maine. All Need Peace.

A few figure if they make more money a year than their sister or brother and their partner, they are rolling. Sitting pretty. In the cat bird’s seat. Finest kind.

What matters most when you live in small rural Maine is not status.

But how valuable you are in the day to day fabric. That this one, that one and pretty much all the local population would be sadly missed.

If plucked from the Earth. Or relocated to some other location.

Air lifted by a bright blue light from the belly of the mothership in one by one. The backyards spread pretty far apart. In a small Maine town.

How come? How does it shake and bake? There are less leaders at the top and more of the rest of the folks working together.

Like the twenty plus year sergeant that runs the platoon. Not the wet behind the ears college grad with the two silver bars on the shoulders or lapel.

Everyone pretty crossed trained as they rotate through the tasks, chores, obligations.

Maine State Wide Derby Racer Smiling Ear To Ear.
Happy? I Guess. Drove Hard To Win, Place In The Top Eight For Maine’s State Soap Box Derby Race In Houlton ME.

And then settle in on the one that they shine the brightest. They know it. So do all the other neighbors, friends, family in the small Maine town.

Lots of bartering to pay the bills. Get back the other guy or gal who pitched in and would not take anything for the helping hand.

You get creative and find ways that the other will appreciate for the “return the favor”. You do something to benefit their family.

To make life this winter a little easier. Heating oil or cord word mysteriously finds itself in someone else’s back yard.

Or smell that strawberry rhubarb pie. MMmmmmmm tasty and nothing store bought. Am old time recipe involved from another family.

The pie that was made with love cooling on the kitchen window sill. The pie that was not there before the household went off to church. Or down to the Piggly Wiggly to restock the pantry in the simple Maine home.

No explanation. No note, no fanfare. That’s part of the secret of Maine small town living.

The left hand not wanting the right hand to know what just happened here.

Eastport Maine Fisherman
Fishing For Something Missing? Maine. Find It Here.

And helping others carry their burden. Without the spotlight of attention shining.

Because when you needed the help the most it was there. Showed up right on time. And you were blown away from the generosity. When you are not used to being helped. And definitely did not ask for it.

Small Maine town living.

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