Living in Maine, the idea of relocating here starts with vacations, the eye candy.

Lots of Maine images splash online to tease and entice. But when the dream of living in Maine full time won’t go away, needs a little action, how to do it best? Start small, think big and steer clear of the debt to pull it off too quickly.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.
Maine Outdoor Living, We Keep It Real, Simple, Honest.

Like home made food prepared slowly, the process is not rushed and the end results are the tastiest right?

Do it yourself and not hired done is the best trip. With online resources on how to homestead in Maine everywhere you turn, there is no shortage of DIY instruction to study the steps to pull off the farmstead lifestyle.  Tailor made for your unique situation.

The small piece of land in Maine that had a clearing that was neglected.

And trees one by one rushed to fill in the opening in the property acreage. Clearing, pushing back those trees to go back to the land, tilling the soil to make it production is not easy work. But the labor is so worth it. Knowing what you eat, growing it yourself, heating with the wood cleared from the future field or pasture land is its own reward.

Maine Is Outdoor, Farming Of All Kinds.
Maine Horses, Stick Together, Are Closed Like The People.

So is wildlife not people for neighbors around your Maine land.

Not because you are anti social but because you like your own company and can entertain yourself with the industry of clearing the Maine land, set up shop to make it productive.

In the shift from whatever you did chasing the dollar before to a new endeavor when you rise and shine each new day in Maine.

How much land for farming in Maine do you need?

Not as much as you might have thought. Plus with owner financing the land in Maine, managing the spending is always front and center in a homesteader’s thinking.

Has to be for survival along with the chores, careful detail to stretch those savings means developing spending impulse control if it was ever missing or treated laxly. Attention to delay never lets us or goes away developing your micro farm, homestead spread in Maine.

Maine Potate Heart Shaped Special
Different, Odd Or Something Beautiful. In Others, What Do You See? Good Or Bad?

Taking care of loose financial ends where you lived outside of Maine means the move to Vacationland  may be a tad delayed.

But doing it right means sticking around and enjoying the four season show Maine performs oh oh so well.

Where you live dictates how the story of your days and nights unfold. The twists and turns your time here on Earth takes.

Find your direction, purpose. Point whatever you drive or use your thumb stuck out proudly to head north.

Get to Maine, find out what’s been missing, what is most important in your life. The location, surroundings are everything in creating the back drop for a rich, rewarding life in Maine.

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