If you are elderly, on a fixed income and mobility is not so easy.

If your circulation makes it harder to stay warm, you need some assistance. Big time.

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Finding help with creating handicap friendly surroundings.  Financial assistance with wheelchair / walker ramps is what the aging segment of the Maine population needs. Along with heating assistance, help with insulation to tighten up the home sweet home.

So where do you turn?

To save time, you have come to the right blog post link for wheelchair ramp assistance in Maine.

And what are the specs for a ADA wheelchair ramp? Building minded and needing more advice for wheelchair ramps construction?

Here is another wheelchair ramp option.

On a walk today during a spring like day in Northern Maine I notice a couple aluminum ramp systems of handicap ramp.

Maine Loons On Lake Fishing.
Taught How To Fish, Survive Early In Life. Missing His Mate, Crying About It Heard On A Maine Lake.

Instead of the traditional wooden set up so wondered what is the cost and how aluminum ramps would be so much easily to dismantle.

To transport and set up again using the lightweight ramps in a needed, new handicap location. Without missing much of a delay of service if the folks needing them are made aware of the ones out dotting the community.

Ready quickly to be relocated and to find a new home for the same use by another Maine resident needing a little helping help to ease access when mobility is an issue.

From $334 to nearly $1700 the cost I found for a range. Have seen these rust free sectioned wheel chair ramps at churches, residences and less maintenance one of the biggest assets besides ease in re-use.

Maine River Rafting Water
Hold! Grab The Short Rope, One Paddle Hand Extended! Hang On!

And then there is shipping at this aluminum wheelchair ramp link.

Please share with me other avenues for help with handicap wheelchair access ramp resources in Maine. Will be happy to add them and post on them as they roll in for all to use that really need help getting around.

We have blogged about the Maine home heating oil assistance program before.

Here is some help with  the Maine weatherization housing program.

Help for the elderly, for those that need to have a little discretionary money left over to enjoy life.

Or to save for peace of mind is a good thing for the Maine small town resident. No matter what age. Maine, simple, real, four season living and always most of the time spend outdoors.

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