Winter in Maine, not a time to spend days and nights parked on a couch trapped inside the home.

The Best Of The Biathlon Competitors From Around Globe Come To Maine.
Out Of Breath But Needing To Calmly Shoot Targets One After Another Flat On Your Stomach.

We are outdoors year round in Maine, all four seasons. Winter is not exception. So down hill skiing, the cross country kind too, it is a big part of how we spend the time in a Maine winter.

The World Cup Biathlon competition in Northern Maine was in full tilt this past weekend. View a past couple videos of the men, the women events.

A spectacle to see with over 60 million viewers of the games beam hitting a satellite circling the globe up, down and then over across the pond.

Folks there on the edge of their seats following the round and round on skis and shooting standing up, lying down.

Maine is lucky to be the venue for the World Cup IBU games. It really cranks dollars into the coffers on both sides of the Maine / Canadian border in Aroostook County.

Don't Worry About Finding Maine Drinking Water, It's Under There.
Maine Is Country Living, Easy Does It Pacing Your Time Enjoying The Four Season Outdoors.

But back to down hill skiing in Maine.

There are eighteen ski areas in Maine. Many times a local favorite is the venue to sample over and over. But living in Maine, it is possible for a “two nation vacation”.

We hop over to zip down the Trans Canada highway to Crabbe Mountain in New Brunswick as easily as a quick trip up US Rt 1 to Mars Hill’s Big Rock Ski area. Nothing compares to Sugarloaf USA or Sunday River either.

So the list of Maine Ski areas.

If you are on family school vacation and thinking of a neat option to ski, consider Big Squaw Mountain in Greenville Maine.  Learn more about the WinterKids Ski ME Passport.

The WinterKids Passport can be used for a variety of free and discounted tickets to go skiing and snowboarding. The events include snow tubing, ice skating, cross country skiing, dog sledding and downhill skiing, snowboarding.

Maine Winter Weather, Climate.
Snow Sledding, Ice Fishing, Pond Hockey Skating. Maine Winters Are Just As Special As The Other Three Seasons.

The winter fitness program is geared for fifth, sixth and seventh graders to use at more than 50 winter sports areas around the state of Maine all winter long. It’s value represents over $1800 if you use it to the max!

Call WinterKids at 207.871.5700 Ext 106. And remember to ski and ride safely. Use your head and don’t forget to wear a helmet to protect the noggin.

Have taken the kids to Saddleback Mountain in Rangley too where all you have to do for lodging is call an 800 number and the Chamber of Commerce takes over.

Have rented a neat place on Rangley Lake to go with the down hill skiing memory making adventure.

The stone fireplace with a fire at the end of a day skiing with your kids is like no other experience!

Majestic Mt Katahdin, Maine's Highest Mountain.
Majestic Mt Katahdin, Maine’s Highest Mountain.

During college at the University of Maine at Orono, it was so close to hit Hermon Mountain to ski on a budget, under the lights, with music nightly.

Hermon Mountain, in the same town as Dysart’s Truck Stop Restaurant for a pleasant dining experience when it is time to put on the feed bag. The outdoor air jump starts the appetite big time.

Hermon Mountain has tubes for sliding down the hill if strapping on a board,  pair of skis is not your thing.

There are eight snow tubing parks in Maine.

Maine Winter Snow Critical For Snowsledding, Grooming Trails For Ski Industry Too!
Maine, See It From A Snowsled Seat , On A Tube, Set Of Skis, Snow Board.

Have a son and girlfriend in Raymond Maine that want to try out Black Mountain, another local to them family value to make affordable skiing in Maine. Black Mountain is in Rumford Maine.

Skiing in Maine, lots of options that are economical. Don’t have to clean you out financially to go to the peak and hit the lodge at the bottom.

Nothing like selling a duplicate organ or second mortgaging the house to score a Colorado lift ticket when you are out in the Rockies, near the Continental Divide.

Maine Farms
Winter Peace on A Maine Farm Awaiting Spring’s Rebirth. Renewal.

Get to Maine, see it on snow skis.

More on Maine skiing. Or consider hopping on a Maine snow sled.

The fresh air and scenery getting to places high up you can not by car happens on a Maine snowmobile.

Hitting lots of snow sled clubs in Maine along the way as you explore a white, green version of Maine.

On your way through out Maine enjoying local down home cooking, the friendly folks serving it up as you learn about the area around the snow sled club trail system.

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