How people spend their leisure time in Maine, anywhere.

I have read there are two kinds of people in the world. Vacation and vocation flavors. Small town Maine people are industrious and work hard for everything they have. Like to maintain their properties and to respect what nature provides us. To keep it unspoiled and pure. Teaching their kids the same good stewardship with our air, land and water.

Maine Weather In Winter, Everything Does Not Stop.
Sunshine Outside In Maine During Winter. We Dress Warm, Head Outside.

So doing both is important. Making a living. Keeping up with the job jar and your chores around a family home. Where everyone pitches in to keep things running smoothly. But also shutting down, taking off frequently. Experiencing all that Maine or points unknown out into that the four directions can provide a person.

Vacations along the way and not waiting until retirement to have all the fun in one session.

That works best. Especially as you read the low age numbers on  many newspaper obituaries. Seeing lots of examples of the good, bad, the ugly all do die young.

While I munch on a blueberry cream cheese bagel or nibbling on a Mexican omelet. Chasing a hash brown potato with my fork around the plate greased with hot salsa.

We are lucky in a small town to live in Maine, Vacationland so no need to leave the state to find the fun. It is all around us. Right here in our own backyard. Meow. Hello. Have you sampled the Maine eye candy?

Today is a Sunday morning and time to rise and shine. Tap out a blog post. Take a walk. Finish a book. But tackling a bathroom that needs one tile replace, the rest painted because of some staining due to a little pesky dishwasher leak from last winter. That’s the plan Stan.

Unless I get distracted. Maine’s drop dead gorgeous beauty is famous for causing distractions.

Maine Beaches Photo
Sample ME. Pick A Place Breathe Deep The Salty Air. Drink In The Sounds Of The Maine Sea. Get Ready To Plant Your Beach Chair Along The Miles Of Maine Coastline.

Overdue on the strap on the utility belt but the completion of the playing Mr Green Jeans or Bob Vila for this little job.

That will provide a feeling of satisfaction once the heave ho is thrown into the small project. And gets underway in earnest. Once the second black coffee works its magic.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, of family worship.

But counting your blessings daily. That better be happening every day of the week. Not just at the tail end. And when you are outside in Maine taking in the drop dead gorgeous surroundings, you know this setting is nothing man could or did create. It makes you humble, grateful, centered. Daily time in the spiritual garden.

So much of what we do in a small Maine town, out in the country home location involves barter. No money exchanged but many hands making light work. We are connected, know everyone and reach out to help.

Maine Outdoor Market. Been To One?
Farm Fresh Locally Sourced Food From Maine. Get Healthy Inside And Out In Maine.

Paying someone back to even the score is harder for some but not if you are creative.

But sometimes the small stuff means go solo. Like multi-tasking, taking a break and just concentrating on one or two things without the help of others. Without rigging up the self inflicted carrot, stick, pony and cart to motivate.

So checking to see what existing paint that could work is already on the shelf. Locating a brush, putting down a drop cloth.

Then off to Sherwin Williams, the place that covers the Earth in paint of every kind and color. Or a local hardware store, maybe Wally World.

Knowing I will meet someone along the way that is doing the same.

Many drawing from a honey do list. And in a small Maine town, banging into others that always makes it social. Mixing business with pleasure happens a lot. We talk, smile, engage with each other unlike a cold impersonal city where look down, look away. Not don’t smile or make eye contact.

You are related somehow to many in the local haunts you frequent in a small Maine. The circles we travel are smaller, more intimate, somehow connected. The longer you log time in a small Maine town. Your circle of friends widens to include pretty much everyone. In time, you will know most of the folks you see if you are friendly, involved in the small Maine community.

Maine Winter Spring Run Off.
Need More Snow To Provide Plenty Of Water For Maine Canoe Circuit Races This Spring. To Fuel  The Paddling Adventure.

This winter not quite enough snow in Maine to swish swish down a hill or snow sled across a field, through the woods.

Many waterways are still open and no layer of ice to allow passage or to ice fish. Or play a game of pond hockey outside rather than in a refrigerated arena setting.

But that could all change and we prepare for the day we have ahead of us. Whatever unfolds. Making whatever in the weather forecast fit the way we want to enjoy today. Living in Maine.

In Maine, it’s dress appropriately and get outside always applies. Enjoy the great outdoors is always the order of the day of another day in Maine.

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