Like chickens on a Maine farm that put themselves to bed.

No fuss, no muss. Without formality.

Maine wildflowers require nothing from those that enjoy the natural beauty they create.

Maine Lupines
More Lupines, No Drive By Shootings. No Gangs In Maine Small Town Rural Living.

Arrangements by Mother Nature, with a hand from the wind, birds, bees, Monarchs and other butterflies. Maybe a hummingbird or two flitting to and fro. But nothing required from man for the eye candy and sweet smells. The sway in the breeze of a Maine spring, summer, fall.

What wildflowers in Maine were always here? This list of Maine wildflower references should help nail it down. White wildflowers of Maine spelled out from A to Z too at the link to tap tap, toggle.

When you and I casual wildflower followers travel the back roads of Maine. To see where they end up.

Tramp a Maine woodlot, a forested tract by a meandering river. Or pull the kayak or canoe up onto the shore of a Maine lake or ocean front island. We all spy with the little eye various colors and types of Maine wildflowers that change with the season backdrops. And that we know what we like best out of the wild bunch.  Maybe because a loved one remarked about them and their beauty or inner meaning growing up. To key in our awareness. Dial in the joy that becomes our passion to pass on to others.

Wildflower in Maine nicknames we pulled out of thin air. Probably not the Latin name classification or root for them. Few of us really have dug into the full litany of what is out there today. Or who is responsible for how it got to Maine from another continent or country. We just know what we like, what catches our attention. Stops us in our tracks.

Maine Clover, Wild Flowers.
Outdoors, That’s Where People Hang Out In Maine.

Like dandelions. If you are in a competition with a neighbor for the greenest, weed free lush lawn, these yellow flowers that go wispy white to re-seed are not a weed, pest to all. Canned dandelions like fiddleheads exist in Maine.

And like the expression about if you have only lemons make lemonade, something good from the bitter, sour in life.

Dandelion wine is a recreational option for adult juice when the supply at your Maine open pasture land provides an endless supply to distill.

But back to wildflowers in Maine that came from outside Vacationland, the Pine Tree State. And attracting the birds, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, you and me to Maine wildflowers.

It is all about the pollinators of Maine wildflowers. To spread the colors, fragrances and varied shapes and sizes of Maine wildflowers and keep the sensory explosion underway. To aid conventional and organic farming in Maine production too. Pass the pollen please.

Maine Blueberries, Wild Ones.
Kind, Hardworking People. Small Maine Town Volunteers Are Like The Fresh Tasty Fruit. Adding The Special Home Grown Taste To Communities.

Ever see the Meadow in a can tins of Maine wildflower seed collections online or in local Maine stores? And who does get enjoyment when the seed catalog shows up from the mailman? And you dream about what packets to buy. Plant on your knees.

Europeans behind a lot of it, the wildflowers brought to Maine.

Not sure about UFO’s that dug in the dirt and anything that sprouted from their efforts.

See how many you recognize and enjoy in this collection of Maine wildflower images.  Maybe the fact man had no further help than introducing them to Maine adds to the wonderment. Of how they self maintain and please perpetually when many are actually outlaw weeds.

Even a burdock when purple and green juicy can be admired. Before the turn to dry, clingy and hitching a ride on anything that gets close. Like a horses tail, mane that prove to be more difficult to release. Even with a card, pail of farmyard water soak and patient livestock combination.

Maine wildflowers, the ones you plant and manage in your gardens are such a joy.

Maine Flowers
Fresh, Maine Morning Flowers After Overnight Shower Starts A New Day In Vacationland.

They bring much pleasure and help set the pace. Measure, to introduce and make us realize the change of seasons. And jump start a feeling inside about what a new one in Maine brings.

Which is hope, renewal, a re-visit from an old friend. Lady’s slipper, red, white trillium, all the colors of violets and lupine in Maine.

The bacon and eggs, paint brush, queen anne’s lace, columbine, lobelia, daisies, wild asters, lily of the valley. Potato blossoms of white, purple with yellow horns  in rolling fields on Maine farms.

Wild blueberry, strawberry, apple, pink and white clover. The healthy herbs. The Jack in the pulpit, buttercup, touch and forget me nots, morning glory and black eyed susan.

The Maine wildflowers all entertain and beautify. Have a valuable place in the country landscape of Maine. Soothe the soul. Provide ground cover and nectar that please the birds, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and you, Me in Maine.

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