Breaking the bread, the fellowship of a free meal is important in small rural Maine.

No one should be alone during the holidays. Especially at meal time. Around Maine this Christmas season there are free dinners, meals planned.

Maine Christmas Parades For Santa's Visit
Christmas Light Parades In Maine, To Help Santa See The Town Lit Up. To Know Where To Set Down The Sleigh Puled By The Flying Deer.

Local vendors, area businesses pitch in collectively with churches, non profit service providers to set the table for a Maine Christmas dinner.

One free Christmas dinner in Rockland covered by the Bangor Deadly recently. Restaurants donating the appetizers, desserts. Locally sourced farms providing the poultry, the grown close to home veggies, fruits.

Check out the free Maine Christmas dinner images.

It is not just the folks coming in one by one, single file off the streets that are being served something tasty. What happens inside of the volunteers putting on the meal, working behind the scenes get spiritual fed. Helping others, helping themselves thinking of others.

Houlton Maine Christmas Winter Photos
Christmas Reflections In Houlton Maine. Small Town Proud Makes The Holiday Colors Brighter, Spirits Higher.

The Westbrook-Warren Church is also opening its doors for the hungry. To feed those for free on Christmas Day starting at 11:30 AM. Contact 207-854-9157 .  Questions? Let them hear them at

From 1-3 PM in Saco, there is a Free Christmas dinner to look forward to for food and fellowship. It is at Traditions Restaurant. Santa, often his better half too have taken time to come to Maine.

To sample the hot chocolate. Break off a piece of peanut brittle, ribbon candy. Or munch on a thick square of divinity, maybe  chocolate fudge. Slicing into, buttering up some date, banana bread in front of an open fire. With little kids like crickets on a summer night peeping “Santa, Santa, Santa!”.

And pointing, kicking their feet while held. Hoisted high to see by a parent, big sister or brother or grandma, grandpa.

Despite the last minute pressure and stress of irritable elves, ironing out the sleigh package delivery logistics. Santa took time to make the mad dash to Vacationland this year. Because local Maine towns are stoking the fires of the Christmas spirit. We are on the same page as the big round guy with all the hair, red velvet, fur trim.

Two local videos from where we play cub reporter in Aroostook County.

[youtube Kv46oZs-6bQ Houlton Maine Christmas Caroling]

[youtube Y5df-IY70F0 Snata Comes To Houlton Maine Christmas Tree Lighting]

Christmas in Maine, whether spent in front of a roaring, crackling, snapping bright fireplace glow in a grand Victorian home, a country rambler, yurt or woods camp.

There is no doubt about what big day is coming. And unlike the impression that we live in a country of Atheism, in Maine we are not afraid to wish you Merry Christmas. And it’s not a Holiday tree, but Christmas tree.

Houlton Maine Market Square
All Decked Out, Small Maine Towns Celebrate Christmas In Their Market Squares, Town Centers.

You’ll see lots of manger scenes at area churches.

No one gets their knickers in a knot. No one hot under the collar. Because we live in small Maine towns where folks care, are connected and pitch in, help out others.

We all take part in the celebrations, local events. Believe in Santa, the reason for the season. Nothing has changed. The traditions passed on. preserved through the family generations.

It is still all about others and helping those in dire straits who won’t ask for help too.

Taking what we need, leaving the rest, passing it on to others. All about being grateful, feeling blessed.

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