The pets of your kids, before they have the grandchildren you get to enjoy.

You can get attached to the furry, four legged K-9 and feline offspring. Until the real bundles of joy in pink or blue drift to Earth from the overhead sky drop.

Maine Dogs Bond.
The Pets Socialize As Their Owners Do The Same On A Maine Open Deck.

As a kid we had a lot of dogs and cats. The cats worked the Maine farm barn, out buildings from machine sheds to granaries, the chicken and well house.

The dogs did not herd cattle or animals on the hoof pounding the pastures.

They actually did well to stay alive for long with the farm in Maine location on a busy US Rt 2 highway of commerce. The traffic made keeping the dogs from becoming passerby motorist “hood ornaments” a real challenge.

We had lots of german sheperds, a cocker spaniel for a brief stay because he was not so hot with kids. They youngsters bothered him and he snapped to show his distaste. One St Bernard got hit by a car and did lots of damage to the vehicle and the front leg.

That ended up developing front leg gangrene.

And my dad said it was not fair to a 100 pound and growing dog who had a mother weighing in at 160 pounds. To have Dr Newman the Island Falls vet get out the bone saw and amputate. To end up having only three legs to stand on was not a positive future for a dog this large. To be able to function as a happy dog carrying lots of tonnage around the Maine farm as he roamed.

Maine Dogs, Surrogate Grand Children.
Take The Picture. I Want. Need To Go For A Walk Okay?

So meet Dale, the black labrador retriever, young dog that is home in Maine from Colorado to visit. And his first cousin Nicky a same shade of midnight black color but lower to the ground cocker spaniel. Who can get lost easier in a Maine winter new snow fall when it measures a foot or more.

Nicky, that is not snappy and very affectionate like Dale she enjoys visits with a lot. Bother raised with love and not brought up with anger or neglect.

Had an Aunt Ruth who had one giant stable of horses for riding pleasure both western and English disciplines. So animals in the childhood were plentiful on her farm, the ones of my Uncles, Aunts and our own family one.

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