In depth, long extended play anything is the most rewarding right?

But today in the quickness of drive through and multi tasking, cutting to the chase can miss much.

Like Monarch or Cliff’s Notes for the high school or college student that waited until the night before the exam to read War and Peace.

Or some other epic that just time did not allow to digest and report the findings to earn the sheepskin. The letter grade to move along people. There is nothing more to see here. Step along now. Show’s over.

Maine Is Small Town, Simple Living.
Maine. The Little Things That Are Missing In Urban Living’s Hustle Bustle. Less Is More. Turns Up The Awareness.

Sometimes the longest book is not the most words either right?

Pass the big easy to read print or the filler, fluff like Wonder Bread pumped with mostly hot air. Fools on first glance.

But back to the question answers causing more questions. Because not enough is plopped on the cafeteria tray. As it slides down the highly polished aluminum rails with the sneeze protective glass barrier under your nose.

To make sure you keep your distance and don’t spray whatever germs you have.

Or collect the ones someone else brought to the party.

I worked at a broadcast facility or two in the Bangor Maine area during and after college graduation. And the almighty clever, catchy sound bite. That tickles and gets the attention of the masses. Deep in thought about lots of other things besides the news of the day.

It was like the perfect shot used to fill these blog posts. Like ice in a tall glass of cold, pure, all natural Maine water. Or something squeezed from the whatever was picked from the vine out from the back forty.

maine small town living
Children, Our Greatest Entertainment, Investment In Maine Small Town Living.

Something that was tip of the ice berg illuminating. Quick like a bunny efficient. Like the commands to herd the kids along at bedtime. When it is beyond time for lights out.

But what happens when not enough on this, this and that subject are all there is?

Isn’t it like empty calories? Yes, you are eating, funneling down the gullet lots of bulk, filler but not enough of the stuff you can really sink your teeth into to get down to the nitty gritty.

The juiciest part of the knowledge to take a bite out of like when you are on a walk in the country. And spy with your little blue, brown or whatever eye color a gift from Johnny Appleseed. Rachel Raspberry or Suzie Wild Strawberry. And reach up, down over over. To pluck, bite into the crisp, tart and refreshing that is heirloom rich in the case of the apple of your eye.

Not GMO alterered to look good, taste okay but just a bad photo copy of what you should of had.

Yeah, we’ve hunt and pecked about the merits of Maine organic food before.

Maine Simple Living.
Warm Up, Get Close, Settle Back And Relax. Whew. You Made It. You’re In Maine.

Taking the time to glean and graze on the A to Z of a subject you know little about today. Or one you thoroughly enjoy and do know a little bit about and more than many of the other average bears. Time, how you allocate it and putting it all into balance.

Priorities to establish in the household so kids know another to not forget this, but remember that. So balance can happen.

The kind to keep a person from going wobbly and to know what they need and must have to be grounded, centered, full of joy.

I am glad I live in Maine because of lots of reasons.

Primary and foremost is it is a place with space that allows you to know waste time worried about being in someone else’s proximity. Their center of the Universe Ground Zero. Get down to your own level.

Maine Is Animals, They Enchance Our Lives.
Herding Cats, In Maine Don’t Try To. They Run, Rule The Roost.

To free you up to pursue digging in and becoming more with your own talents and resources. No time wasted in traffic or worried about crime.

More time for focusing on what is real important and not artificial or stacked high with layers of players. To push the paperwork of over burdened local regulations and enforcement.

Maine is simple living and all that is removed to clear the table to get down to the meat and potatoes of it all. To feast on what really tickles the senses.

To get you the full meal deal and extended play, the version of the book like Stephen King’s The Stand that the author went back.

Adding another 500 pages to for a re-read of literary left overs… the best kind when you cherish it more the second time around. And see what was missed the first read, added for the second one.

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