The connection of small Maine towns.

Some folks argue they don’t like the vibe. The connection that somehow everyone in the small Maine town is wired jointly in a myriad of ways. Beyond just the DNA strands that share common genetic make up.

Many who move, relocate to Maine comment on the closeness with fondness though.

They find the small town friendly way of life in Maine refreshing. And remind the locals here that making eye contact back in the big city where they had to work to advance their career. Had it’s double edged sword drawbacks.

maine fourth of july
Lots Of Parade Watchers In Small Maine Towns. Your Friends And Neighbors.

Don’t get involved, act uninterested, keep your distance.

That approach to living won’t work if you ker plop, parachute into a small Maine town. Why? You are needed. You have skills, talents. It is time to get involved. There is work to do in small Maine towns. Where everything is not hired. The folks responsible for events are not hired but volunteers.

And everyone knows there is nothing stronger than the heart of a small Maine town volunteer.

The fourth of July. Folks take their vacations to work them.

Spending the entire week hopping from event to event. Not to attend them. But to enjoy putting them

Local Maine Small Town Celebrations.
Folks Are Friendly, Easy Going In Crime Free Small Maine Towns.

on. Working the long hours preparing. Manning the posts once the planning is done and it is show time.

Laughing with the others that pitch in, that give their heart and soul in the volunteering.

Learning from others in the labor of love and sharing tid bits, odds and ends of personal information back and forth. So the take away is more than the event.

There is a rich experience that happens inside when you are lucky enough to be part of community events in a small Maine town. People smile, relax around each other and enjoy small town living in Vacationland.

Maine Small Town Living.
Down Town Maine Small Town Celebrations, Festivals. Home Grown Tasty, Special, Memorable.

Maine’s fourth of July.

You stay in a town that has lots going on. All your out of town family and friends come home too. What did you do over the fourth of July celebration? Here are some other images of just one event, a fourth of July parade in a Northern Maine town. But in reverse, with a twist.

Looking out as the possession. A different direction for the focus. As the parade possession slowly snakes, plys the streets of the special Maine community.

The events that happen in a small Maine community.

That happen year round on the calendar. The people prove the point that they are the small town. Not the sticks and bricks, the structures no matter how elegant or pretty. Take away the people and it is last guy or gal out, remember to shut off the lights.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker