The cost of entertainment, many places require the swipe of plastic.

Buying this, that, paying for parking. Beg, borrow and steal for all the extras that Maine provides no charge. Too many people, good bad and ugly change the atmosphere of your day to day life.

It is not just what we have here that excites and calms. The peace and beauty are not the best things either. Not just about all that we have and are grateful for either. Blessed with. No no.

Maine Clover, Wild Flowers.
Outdoors, That’s Where People Hang Out In Maine.

The list that excites and calms at the same time. Has plenty of room for more. But wait there is more.

The happy and you know it goes on and on about what we don’t have in Maine too. That you don’t need. But take for granted when living in a city, urban landscape.

Where tough titty. Here you go. Stop your whining. You can not have this, this and that in the concrete jungle. Not going to happen. Get over it.

No traffic, 4th lowest crime stat, no lack of clean air and water. That’s Maine.

And wide open space. Lots of woods infested with wildlife. Wide open water escapes.

But the people in Maine.

Fewer in number, their volunteer hearts second to none in strength. Family values, work ethic, the connection is constant.

Simple beauty. No one in your face. And outdoor camping options up the kazoo. Pack a lunch, hit the trail, tap into the natural beauty surrounding you in Maine. Bike, hike, kayak, ski, swim (repeat).

Maine Small Town Living Is Special.
The View From Maine. Head Outside.

Images for Maine.

Those one by one say it best. ’nuff said really.

Enjoy the heart of summer in Maine.

Capture it on film, recycled electrons.

Don’t stay away so long and remember the American Folk Festival is coming! Last year’s blurb to get you pumpin’, jumpin’.

The food at the festival excites in tandem with the toe tapping tunes, the dress and dance moves.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker