Slick, polished, smooth when you want something. Snooty and snarky, aloof when you don’t. That is not the way of the lay of the land in Maine.

Down home, family centered and local pride in the small town in Maine the resident hails from is the heart beat. The love of where you live, being connected to the others in the small population that work together.

Unplugged, Recharging In Maine.
Peaceful, Four Season Drop Dead Gorgeous, Maine.

Instead of attending events, you work them in small Maine towns.

Things don’t get hired out. The locals are knee deep in the behind the scenes of the home spun happenings.

Creative input, individual resourcefulness drip off every local event. And once you sign on, step up that is in your collection to be counted on for the next installment of the home grown production.

In business deals, you don’t need an Angie’s list to look up who you gonna call. You know the others in the small Maine area. The news through the grapevine is like the porridge, hot, cold or just right.

The local ethics, values define a person along with the effort put into the work out in a local Maine job or service.

Or volunteer church, school, whatever civic or hardship fun raiser endeavor in the event of the day in the small Maine town. Wine and dine palava , feeling hustled and worked does not work in Maine. That kind of politics is saved for back and forth across the aisle and some legislative center.

Maine Is Lots Of Water, Plenty Of Weather.
Never Fade Memory Making In Maine. Collect Your Images, Experiences.

Huckstering, feeling worked over to force a conclusion causes anyone within earshot to put up a hand. To ask if the neighbor is okay.

Or being hassled and if they need help, want a hand with anything.

Bullies, attacking people not the problem is not Maine.

Fear, forcing the outcome with the chip on the shoulder. Nope. No thanks. Forget the line in the sand one up manship insecurity.

Too much depending on channeling all the emotion into something more productive.

Missing the back room maneuvering and empty promises. The glowing smiles that go with it that can shred the receiver to pieces.

Smug to sulk to get your way is up to you. But the results are poor because folks around you in Maine will get up, stretch, say “gotta go”. And like Elvis, leave the building.

Mainers are busy, productive, grateful for all they have. They don’t waste daylight in work or play. Don’t enjoy playing games with other people’s emotions or meddling in a harmful way in another’s life.  They are kind, sensitive, but tough skinned if you are trying to pull the wool over the eyes.

Hiking In Maine, Finding The Best Trail.
When You Live In Maine, Everything You Need Is Right On Your Back, Carried With You Daily For Skills, Talent.

Maybe in larger population areas that Maine lacks where folks blend in, don’t really connect those “social street smart alley cat skills” are needed.

To keep your head above financial water, by hook or by crook. In Maine, you do transactions for life, not one deal and that’s all she wrote. Why? Transparency, only so many folks in the career flavors for goods and services.

Maine, the living is just simpler by design.

The people are not. Rich and grateful makes most happy, joyful. The approach to the day to day is more hand’s on, self empowering without cash to burn. Money is taken right out of the equation in much of the daily life in Maine. Not needed and DIY flourishes in a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker