The eggs you eat, the way you like best for them to be prepared, what does it say about you?

Lots evidently, read more in this article on unlocking the secrets of your egg persuasion. Sunny side up means you have a wild side, but an old soul.

Outdoor Grilling, Cookouts In Maine Help You Inside Out.
Maine Vacations, Get Cooking Outdoors To See What’s Up Deep Down Inside.

The personality of the way you lock and load, rock and roll do anything each day.

Putting your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us right? But your preferences, the style in the swagger, the way you play the part of you. In the short production, up on the stage of life. Where it is said we are all but mere actors, living our life in quiet desperation.

So Maine, what would the way you like a potato, blue berries, lobster, micro brew.

Anything grown and raised in Vacationland reveal about you? Well, lots. Sometimes out of necessity. Your potatoes whipped, garlic infused with cheese please. Your blueberries in a pie or a cobbler, what will it be. On second thought, make it pancake providing the ride for what is inside raked from the Maine blueberry barrens.

Want A Graham Cracker? 1958 Photo From Ralph And Marjorie Black's Houlton Maine Lawn.
Happy To Be A Kid In Houlton Maine. I Was. Say, Want A Graham Cracker?

The Maine lobster serve up lazy man style, no need for all the tools to make it cracking good for what is inside. Or slide it into a stew, for the last swim before down the gullet for your denizens of the deep delicacy from Maine.

The color, the kind of car you drive in Maine. Depends if you are in Kennebunkport or Wallagrass Plantation or Otis Maine. Clothes too, with all agreeing warmth, layers are more important than chic, trendy, tres suave.

Maine Is Small Towns, Home Grown.
Home Grown, Maine Made Is Small Town Special, Unique.

“Behaving in a relaxed, confident, and pleasant way in social situations” the definition of that last label.

That someone might hang on you due to your habits, preferences, your air. As you rise and shine. Move around wherever you live in Maine.

Maine, down to Earth, simple is what most in the Pine Tree State do best. Attracted to that, all over that. Like a moth to a open porch light on a Maine hot summer evening.

Not being in a rut is important too. When you open a menu at a local eatery in Maine where it all looks good. Could work just fine but one selection seems to always get your vote. Because it is so good, from experience the last time you darkened the door.

Maine's Easport Maine Fisherman
Fresher Fish In Maine Only Found Still Swimming In The Sea.

Filled, stuff, no longer feeling hungry as a horse.

But with a pang of regret after the table is cleared and it is time for dessert. The what will it be for the perfect ending.

And you ponder, lament you could have, should have, might next time will actually sample something out of the ordinary.

The predictable for you is just the way you roll. That’s today. But getting out of that comfort zone. Ah, there is the rub. To apply to the steak, chicken, fish, vegetarian bounty. Whatever is for breakfast, dinner, supper three times a day at least meal time addiction.

Peel back those onion layers.

Stop playing it safe. Open up the curtained windows and dead bolt doors. Crack the skylights of the inside places you don’t visit much. That not many other people get to tour either.

Try new things in Maine. The way life should be. Learn what makes you tick.

Maine Blueberry Rakers, Pickers.
Following Strings, Lanes In Maine Blueberry Fields, Raking Up A Storm.

Shake it up, get to Maine. Prepared just the way you like it best. Meet the people. See the sights in Maine. Hear the stories shared but definitely do sample the local grown close to home Maine cooked food.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker