The attitude of people, animals too in Maine when Spring knocks on the door.

It is an exciting time of renewal, replanting if you are into flowers, growing what you eat. Spring is hope, having faith in another season with three more right after it.

Maine New Spring Flowers.
Begin Again, Rebirth, Renew, Maine Spring Flowers So Up Right On Cue.

Spring seems to be the follow the leader, self appointed Rudolph one to set the pace. Like a weather, climate control alternate delete on the life channel to dial in. Adjusting the tin foil on the rabbit ears for a clearer, less snow reception.

Don’t get me wrong.

All four seasons in Maine are special. But along with Spring’s brand new baby approach to living, to start over and begin again. There is always a nagging thought or two in the back of the mind. Like better get the winter wood, pellet’s or oil when cheaper stocked up. Always aware, putting it all in perspective when you live in Maine. And practice frugality.

Maine is simple living, careful spending and a greater awareness. Of how things work around you, where you fit in and how to be sensitive to others.

Because we are a smaller knit group of people spread pretty far flung. Scattered around the all natural, pure, unspoiled landscape.

Maine Is Simple Living, Family First.
Maine Is Simple Living, Outdoors, Family Based In All We Do!

Plenty of space, not really enough people and the volunteers are worked pretty hard. Sometimes put away wet from sweat, bone weary but with a feeling of satisfaction. By pitching in, which is a given in small town living in Maine.

So Spring is here, canoe races underway, ice cream dairy bars opening up left and right.

Lining up contractors before they get too busy and you lost them for the house repair construction season.

Folks are putting window boxes back on their hangers, in their designated places around their properties. Digging out and cleaning off the wicker chairs for the patio. Wheeling into place the gas grill to park off to the side of the sliders on the open deck. Digging out fishing boats, putting away snow sleds.

Maine Small Family Values.
Family First And Last In Maine. Raising Them. Attacking Others Is Not The Target.

Kids dusting off bikes, fixing chains, blowing up slack pan cake flat tires. Playing catch and reaching for tennis rackets and basket balls to play outside in the fresh air of Maine.

Water hosing off their homes, washing exterior house windows that have been bothering them from the lack of clarity.

From what the roadway sanding trucks caused over the last few months for grime, loss of shine and glass sparkle.

Insides of cars and trucks are itching to be swamped out by their drivers too. After a long winter of ice scrapers, snow brushes, overworked heaters and defrosters. But neglect in the tidy end of the tin lizzie primary ride providers.

Maine Is Small Farms, Rural Living.
More Hand Work, Planting, Tending, Weeding, Harvesting On Maine Organic Farms.

New piles of leaves raked that blew in because not everyone did the strokes to bag and tag or mower munch them last fall in their yards down the street.

Change of wardrobe to lose the sleeves and lower pant legs. Plans for what summer camps, rec programs, what to do on vacation this June, July, August all front and center in the gray matter thoughts. What to do bantered, entertained, talked about around the meal table.

Out on the street, down at the coffee or barber shop, hair salon or gas station too. As kids count the days until school is out. And all the neat small town summer program recreational activities kick into gear. Weather in Maine, we have all kinds. Take your pick.

Been away from Maine? Come up this weekend and catch the spirit, get unplugged, recharged. Relax. See what you are missing by being a stranger, staying away from Maine and all her natural charms.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker