Saw a blog post this morning from a Florida real estate broker feeling sad for anyone in a snowy climate.

I made the comment that no need to feel sorry. No sympathy cards to mail out to anyone in the Northeast, or with a white covered landscape.

Maine Is Outdoors, Living Free, Kept Simple.
Spring Skiing, Mix Of Two Seasons Meeting Makes For Fun In The Sun Conditions.

Because winter in Maine is one of the four seasons. That we enjoy them all. And for proof, pinged him an image of Maine in winter. Here are a few more Maine winter images.

Folks don’t hibernate in Maine or hide out inside and wait for the calendar sheets to one by one get flipped or ripped off.

In fact, spring like conditions now, the overlap of winter with what is about to explode is bitter sweet. Because the things we do for fun outside in Maine change with the seasons. We have to let go of those past times and replace them with the new set for the one by one seasons that follow in Maine.

But one thing does not change. We are still outdoors most of the time. It is why we live in Maine full time. Why folks visit Vacationland around the year for those same recreational pursuits. More on the Maine weather, climate.

Dressed Warmly, Appropriately For The Outdoors, Maine Is Outside Living.
Maine Living, Any Season, Winter Included, It’s All About Being Outdoors.

I guess it could be a reverse of seeing southern residents during a scorching, dry, blistering hot summer with no moisture.

And heat stroke like conditions where everyone hurries inside to be in space that is air conditioned. Chilled like a meat locker. We are extreme heat intolerate. Like Maine’s comfortable summer living. Like to work, putter, relax outside year round. And if the temperature was too hot, it would interfere with getting things done on the other side of the home’s four walls.

There is no poor weather in Maine during winter. It is bad layering.

Poor choice of the garments worn to match the conditions. But with experience, help from the locals, we’ll help you figure it out and get comfortable in Maine.

We crave the fresh air, blue skies, sunshine no matter what the season. Maine is the place with the space to enjoy it. Unplug, recharge and sample our pure, unfiltered simple living in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker