I hear it a lot in my day job.

Out of state real estate buyer considering moving, relocating to Maine. “Things would be easier in life if I could get away from all these people.” Do you believe the bulk of your problems are caused by other people? That don’t always agree with your outlook on life. That possess a different way of sizing up the events unfolding around them.

Much of life is your reaction to it. Because it shows what you are made of or become along the way.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.
Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Maybe it starts with youth, over the top enthusiasm to be all you can be.

And when the one path you thought you were the sole marathon runner on looks well worn as you glance down. And notice that others are on the same one.

So don’t take yourself too serious, stay humble, be positive, don’t be cocky.

Let out the slack.

Easy does it and think of how fragile relationships really are. And need to be protected. Watered, weeded, fed to grow strong and last.

Keep your eyes and ears open to learn the things you don’t. About yourself, others, and how human nature rock and rolls. But blaming others for your bad behavior patterns.

Maine Baxter Park Photo
Maine, One Blue And Green Dream. Wake Up, Get To Vacationland.

We need other people.

They accept us, we let them be them. Black and white, see Dick, see Jane, where is Spot easy right? Blaming them when things go sideways is like lost faith. You need it the most when gale force winds swirl around you. Not just during fair sunny weather stints.

The calm before the storm. That happens pretty much right on schedule. With casual speed, ready or not.

The solitude of Maine not flush with lots of people does help in creating the space to collect your thoughts. You can hear yourself think in Maine.

Maine Is Small Cabin Wood's Living.
No Neighbors, The Wind In The Trees. Crunching Fresh Snow Bring In Some Stove Wood For The Fire Would You Please?

The knee jerk of reaching for someone to cuff up the side of the back of the head like Jethro.

To blame or chide or ridicule. Instead, be kind, be patient and often be silent. Until those thoughts connected to the end of your tongue become captured. Before the damage they can caused are released out into the conversation.

Believe there is a lesson to be learned and stop the blame game. Blaming justifies your own bad behavior.

Neat quotes on how blame limits, damages.

Blame puts you in a corner that is hard to get out of because it is unhealthy but justifies why you are there. The actions of another is the lazy way to run your thoughts. To control your actions. Avoid the stinking thinking and embrace the spring in Maine that is underway.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker