What is the weather in Maine going to be like later today, tomorrow, next week?

May seem to beg the response why don’t you just wait and see? Go outside, look around. Then live in the moment and decide your choices. Chill, relax. Stop worrying.

But knowing what to expect from the sky above in the Maine weather forecast is more important when you are a contractor. Wondering if you strip off that old asphalt house roof.

Is there time to lay down the new one that replaces it? Or should paint go on tomorrow on the exterior?

Maine Weather Happens.
Maine Weather, What To Wear Means Whatever Works, Protects, Is Comfortable. Does Not Put You In The Poor House.

Or if you are a private, commercial airline pilot, a truck driver, lobster boat or passenger ferry skipper. It becomes a little more critical to be in the know on what’s up with approaching Maine weather patterns.

Making plans to not be stuck out in the Maine weather when you should be inside. Parked next to a warm crackling fire. Waiting it out for the coast is clear Maine weather forecast to head back outside.

When you have lots of money invested for outdoor musical or sporting events, any town wide festival, outdoor wedding or funeral. Early knowledge of what the weather in Maine is going to end up being is smart planning. Good for business.

So alternate plans can be kicked into gear, to make the event fun, easier, prosperous. To let the show go on working around the dark clouds or heavy winds or downpours of rain, sleet, hail, snow that just won’t turn off.

Maine Outdoor Air Temperatures Color The Experience.
The Little Black Dog Walks The Owner Along The Sandy Shore In Misty Maine.

Farmers in Maine too rely heavily on accurate weather information.

For more than dry haying conditions. When to spray crops too. What is the wind speed going to be because if too brisk.


Pesticide applicators have strict rules in the do’s and don’ts to keep their spray license.

But depending on the Maine weather, the let’s spray early at dawn or into the evening when conditions can make the timing everything. To improve the coverage.

To get the maximum results, bang for the buck. Coming along way since just relying on the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

I learned a lot about today’s weather predicting, the study of what happens before it does so everyone has more to go on. Than just trusting their gut or flipping a coin.

Maine Is Four Seasons.
Four Seasons, Sometimes One Ends Quickly In Maine.

Showing eight houses in the Caribou Maine area to a cousin who is accepting a job at the National Weather Service. I had no idea that fifteen to eighteen individuals man a station and what their specific roles were.

It made me think of how many lives were saved or lost in time of war due to the weather.

When the betting on the odds of the right or wrong weather during a battle surge or retreat was everything. In the success or failure and heavy loss of life.

My Dad was a tail gunner in a B-24 during World War Two.

And the greater accuracy of the shift to daylight bombing. Introduction of the much needed Norden bombsight.

To better pinpoint primary and secondary bomb targets made a difference. In ending the war earlier, in reducing the number of casualties by accidental strikes on schools, hospitals, civilian neighborhoods.

Maine Is Small Town Special.
Maine Is Music. The Outdoor Loon On A Lake Kind. The Small Community Band Flavor.

But weather. Critical to know during the briefing of today’s mission of flight crews in the Flying Fortress formations. To know if the four engine bombers go up or are socked in due to inclimate weather.

The German 88 guns were deadly accurate with their flak bombardment.

So many of the B-24’s, B-17’s did not make back to base due to being shot down, blown out of the sky.

But to have the heavy losses bumped even higher due to bad weather stacked against the flight. To the IP and to release the payload on targets, then get the heck out of that heavily fortified radar swept sky.

Knowing the accurate weather, scoring better forecasts for the war campaign ahead. One more advantage the good guys had over the enemy. Whether coming in from the sky, the sea hitting the beaches or marching across war torn winter country sides.

The weather forecast helped improve the odds for what is ahead. Knowing the wind speed, cloud cover, temperatures and precipitation that could help or end up crippling the war effort and moral of the already tired troops.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker