Small Maine town residents are used to working hard, taking nothing for granted.

Always aware of needing each other to get it done. Because less people in Maine. So much to do. Makes a daily approach to living anything less not an option.

But sometimes not everyone is pulling together in a small Maine town.

Maybe missed the memo. Or is just an attention whore. Who can infect other individuals that become sheep who follow subdued, perplexed from the venom sting. Listening behind the scenes for one by one who is on the you know what line by line.

In time it becomes quite a collection on the manure who’s who list for company if the person is unhappy. It is not contained and spills, stains the fabric of the small Maine town. Forgets all the back up, behind the scenes folks that are faceless, in the shadows That get the credit but don’t want it. Shun it and know others do more and fuel their passion.

Attack problems, not people on the home team in a small Maine town.

Small Maine Towns Work Together.
Maine Small Towns Work Hard Collectively. Giving Others Credit, Not Hogging Or Needing The Spotlight.

The credit for success if it has to be beamed in a bright hot spotlight on one individual.

When constructive criticism or making a decision hammered out in committee is needed. It is like herding a cat. Because corralled, contained or just exuding good manners and taking turns. Is not something an insecure ego is used to, what it needs for temporary but destructive treatment.

Mirror mirror on the wall, well you know who is the greatest of all in one person’s opinion. It’s the unsung hero. Like real war heroes who don’t act or show it in their humbleness even keel display.

Small town Maine is simple living. Less individuals needing the credit. More just wanting to help out but not to draw attention for what they figure everyone else does too. Stepping up to the plate and proud to live in the small Maine town is more than enough reward. It is what you teach your kids too.

Down to Earth people live in Maine.

Not showy, not snobby or snarky. Not small minds but big hearts. That is what you see out in the crowd of a small Maine town. No room for negative attitudes.

Looking out for the greater good of others that are your neighbors, family, friends and co workers.

Maine Is Outdoors, Figuring Things Out Happens Easier Here.
See the Trail, How Many Steps Is Your Life Long?

You believe in your Maine town, it is not about one individual effort to hold it all together. It takes the entire community. All that talent, resources creatively poured into the horsepower that gets traction in a small Maine town.

The stakes are bigger in small town Maine. Survival is everything. The margin for error is razor thin all the time. Because some would chuckle we live like we are prepared. For a recession most of the time. Better safe than sorry, be prepared thinking always in charge.

It is about the players in a small Maine town. Respect, selflessness, stick with it, dig deeper. Reach further and moving on with support thrown behind others. Even if someone does not agree with what you thought was a brilliant idea at the time. Go along to get along.

Sitting On A Maine Porch. Maine Is That.
All Year Long, Maine Is Outdoor Living.

No one is the Village Idiot for trying hard and staying on board through thick and thin.

Let’s try something, not allow death by committee and think on our feet. To handle the hard decisions that have to be made in a small Maine town on the move.

Coming together on discussions in a small Maine town means not attacking people, addressing ideas and solutions instead. Working hard to forge the path, direction of the small population community. Otherwise it is last guy or gal out, remember to turn off the lights.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker